5 Fun Places in the Miami Area to Rent SUP Boards

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5 Fun Places in the Miami Area to Rent SUP Boards

What do most people think of when they hear about SUP in Miami?

The beach!

Of course.

And for good reason. The beaches in Florida and more specifically in the Miami area are some of the best pieces of shore on the east coast to explore, sunbathe, swim in the water, and of course, SUP.

The clear water, plenty of wildlife, and warm temperatures are the perfect setting for any vacationer, visitor, or resident to hop on a board and get out there

Which is why we have decided to compile some of the best places to go in Miami and Florida in general.

We hope this list will guide you to find the best place to experience paddling in Florida.

Let’s discover what makes these shops great to rent a board from together.

Just make sure to give us a shoutout when you visit them!

Lublu Sup and Wellness (Miami Beach)

First up for SUP in Miami is a place called Lublu Sup and Wellness in the heart of it all - Miami Beach.

Besides the clear water and sunshine, Lublu SUP and Wellness can offer you first-class instruction, tours, and rentals.

Before we talk about their rentals, let us not forget about their amazing tours. Spanning 2-hours in length, it is almost guaranteed to land you on some dolphins where you will be able to be next to them swimming in the water.

How is amazing is that?

But maybe you are an excellent paddler already and just want to show off in front of the people crowding on the beach.

That’s cool too.

That is where rentals come in the picture. Lublu SUP and Wellness offer customers plenty of options, rates, and time spent on the water.

It is best to give them a shout when you are in the Miami Beach area. They will take care of your every SUP need!

Bonus! Check out their page on Perfect Paddles here, for information about saving money on our Buddy Deal.

Las Olas Paddle Board (Fort Lauderdale)

Moving onto our next shop for SUP in Miami, we land ourselves in sunny Fort Lauderdale in an outfitter named Las Olas Paddle Board.

Offering rentals starting at $25 for the first hour, $40 for 3 hours, or an all-day fee of $50, Las Olas offers customers plenty on option to meat your needs on the water.

The best part about renting at Las Olas is the chance to stand atop some pretty sweet rides.

Carrying brands such as Red Paddle Co., Vesel, and Yolo Board Company, you know that when you spend time on the water with Las Olas, you will be doing so on some of the best boards in the industry.

Renting in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t get much better than this. Las Olas Paddle Board comes with a high recommendation from the team at Perfect Paddles.

Sunrise Paddleboards (Fort Lauderdale)

Next up for SUP in Miami is another company out of Fort Lauderdale called Sunrise Paddleboards.

Sunrise is one of those shops that keeps popping up onto our lists. And for good reason.

They do just about everything, and they do it well.

From kayaks, to jet skis, to of course a SUP, customers are usually delighted to see the options they have in front of them.

Paddle board rentals start at $40 for two hours, or $60 for 4 hours. It’s go big or go home at Sunrise.

Fort Lauderdale is home to the some of the clearest water, and variety of ocean-living species.

If your vacation includes a stop there, then we insist on you making a stop at Sunrise Paddleboards for your SUP needs.

Paddle Diva (Boca Raton)

Paddle Diva, located in Boca Raton is our next stop for SUP in Miami on the list.

This outfitter has appeared on a couple of our lists, and for good reason. The most recent appearance came when we dissected SUP yoga options in some of the metropolitan areas in the US.

Paddle Diva popped up high on our list for that.

And now they have returned once again.

The area they paddle in Boca Raton is authentic Florida, with its tall grasses, shady forests, and clear water.

Their prices start at $50 an hour at the Shagwong Marina and $10 for each additional hour.

Take to the warm waters in Boca Raton, and leave your vacation feeling like you have created a memory which will last a lifetime.

And as a bonus, check out their page here for details on our Buddy Deal and savings!

Paddle the Florida Keys (Islamorada)

For our last stop for SUP in Miami we land at one of our most southern locations at a place called Paddle the Florida Keys, in Islamorada.

Landing in the Florida Keys is quite the experience. It tends to be a shanty town, full of rum sucking retirees dressed too young for themselves and burnt out swindlers talking about their times of glory in their past.

Basically, it’s a pirate town.

People party, get drunk, live next to the beautiful ocean in the Caribbean, and forget to apply sunscreen.

It’s great!

And at Paddle the Florida Keys, you can get atop a SUP, and see the breathtaking wildlife swimming a few short distance below your feet.

Prices at PFK start at $35 for 7 hours! That’s a heck of a deal. And one you should not pass up.

Keep the board for the duration of the day, explore all the nooks and crannies of the mangroves, and get an authentic Florida vacation in Islamorada.


Florida is one of the biggest vacation hubs in the world.

The bright beaches, southern flair, and never-ending party scene attract both the young and old to the experience.

But one of the additional ways you can enjoy a Florida vacation is by renting a SUP and taking to the water.

The view from your feet is indescribable.

You must experience it to know it.

Which is why we crafted this list to give you some of the best options to rent a SUP in Miami and the surrounding areas.

Now, the only thing that’s stopping you, is you!

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