5 Great Shops in the D.C./ Maryland Area for Renting a SUP

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5 Great Shops in the Washington D.C. and Maryland Areas for Renting a SUP

Washington D.C.

Looking for a great place to rent a SUP in Maryland or Washington D.C.? Check out these 5 fantastic outfitters!

Moving farther down the east coast, we land in the Delmarva area where shops have been popping up over the last few years to provide outdoorsman and woman with the opportunity to experience their unique waterways on a SUP.

In the D.C. portion of the state, we find in the nation’s capital, plenty of areas to see the beautiful city from the vast waterways it holds.

And across the expansive Bay Bridge, in Ocean City, the beaches are a welcome site for anyone wanting to spot the wildlife lining the shores in the form of wild ponies and egrets.

Both east and west in the Maryland area are prime spots for anyone to go adventuring on a SUP.

Which is why shops along these waterways have decided to provide these opportunities.

With this list, it is our hope at Perfect Paddles, that we can guide you to experiencing the nation’s capital and the eastern shore in the best possible way.

These are 5 Great Shops in Washington D.C. and Maryland for Renting a SUP, and we, like the owners of these shops, cannot wait to see you out there.

Capital SUP (Washington D.C. and Annapolis)

Our first stop to rent a SUP in Maryland or D.C. is a company called Capital SUP.

Capital SUP’s namesake works perfectly for two reasons- one, they have a location in the capital of the United States in D.C. and they have an additional location in the capital on Maryland, Annapolis.

Whichever location you decide to visit, you can rest assured you will be receiving excellent customer service and highly qualified individuals to help you along the way for whatever you decide to do on a SUP.

Prices start at $20 for the first hour and will be adjusted accordingly after the first hour is completed.

Taking place at the mouth of Back Creek, paddlers will be able to see the iconic Bay Bridge and Chesapeake Bay from the safety of their boards, while they make their way along the shoreline.

Capital SUP doesn’t discriminate between paddling ability and have the equipment and area to accommodate anyone’s needs.

Adding a new twist to the rental package is the ability to rent and try and pedalboard as well.

Don’t know what that is?

It’s ok, not many people do.

Think of it as a bike, where you use pedals to propel yourself forward, but instead of wheels, you are sitting atop a SUP board.

Sounds cool right?

Well, it is!

With this twist on paddling, Cap SUP offers a whole new take when it comes to getting on the water.

And be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for details on savings through our Buddy Deal!

Washington D.C.

B’More SUP (Dundalk, MD)

Moving onto the next biggest city in the state of Maryland, we land in iconic Baltimore to rent a SUP in Maryland.

B’More SUP is a an outfitter that offers it all: rentals, lessons, tours, fitness, even race training.

For rentals, they offer 1 hour or 2 hour packages every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the summer and group rentals during the week, upon request.

But a unique renal offering from B’More SUP is their new rental packages. As they state on their site, “You save money when you purchase a 5 or 10 class package of one or two hour rentals! Select the first date you want to come out and then you will be sent a code to use for your additional visits to B’More SUP!” The rental rate includes top of the line equipment, including a Yolo Board, adjustable paddle, leash and PFD.

This way to save money on rentals, and have the dates lined up and ready to go when you are.

And given the opportunity to ride a Yolo Board should not be passed up! Yolo is a leader in quality SUP boards in the industry. During your rental you will be able to feel the glide of a top of the line board instead of the usual epoxy or even plastic boards most outfitters put renters on.

Spend an afternoon on the beautiful waters surrounding Baltimore on one of the leading board brands in the country, and you may be left with a feeling of what to own a personal board for yourself!

rent a SUP in Maryland

Shore Pedal and Paddle (Saint Michaels, MD)

Next up to rent a SUP in Maryland is a place called Shore Pedal and Paddle in Saint Michael’s, Maryland.

As their name implies, this outfitter also rents bikes as well as kayaks for the contrarian in your family who just doesn’t want to conform to what the rest of the family would like to do.

Which is great! More options are always appreciated.

But as far as rentals go, the prices start at $35 an hour, $65 for 4 hours, $90 for the day, and $160 for 2 days. They have additional options for weekly rentals if you feel so inclined so be sure to reach out to them directly regarding pricing.

Their equipment consists of SUP ATX boards, which as they put it are, “Light weight, wide, long, stable, durable and fast! We have a few different models and lengths for everyone to try. Light weight, adjustable, SUP paddles won’t wear you out! Never tried it? No excuse now!”

While the boards from SUP ATX are an appreciated value when renting boards for fun, the power is in the paddle.

Instead of a heavy aluminum adjustable, Shore Pedal and Paddle offers a light-weight version, which means your paddling will be much more enjoyable as you won’t have to push a heavy, awkward blade through the water.

Renting from Shore Pedal and Paddle means you will be snatching up some great deals, excellent gear, and options for those who don’t necessarily want to spend time on a SUP. Which combined means, they come with a high recommendation from the team at Perfect Paddles.

rent a SUP in Maryland

Walk on Water SUP (Ocean City, MD)

Ladies and gents! We are moving across the iconic Bay Bridge down onto the eastern shore with our next stop to rent a SUP in Maryland.

Landing in West Ocean City at a shop called Walk on Water SUP.

While they offer wonderful rates for rentals- $25 for the first hour, $50 for a half day or 4 hours, and $75 for a whole day, the reason you really should visit WOW is their paddling shop.

When we say it is the best on the East Coast, we are not lying.

Chock-full of every major paddling brand, paddles, gear, goodies, and equipment, this place is a paddler’s paradise.

Want to get into racing?

They have that.

How about surfing?

They also have that.

Want to upgrade your paddle and grab a carbon fiber version?

Say no more.

Are you getting the picture yet?

Walk on Water SUP has everything you need to be the best paddling version of yourself possible.

And within close proximity of Assateague Island where local, wild ponies roam the beaches. You cannot ask for a better location.

Be sure to stop into Walk on Water SUP for your every paddling need!

rent a SUP in Maryland

OC SUP and Fitness (Ocean City, MD)

Last stop to rent a SUP in Maryland!

And we land in the heart of Ocean City, MD at an outfitter called OC SUP and Fitness.

One of the distinct advantages of OC SUP and Fitness is their location. They are set up on the dock of one of OC’s most famous restaurants and bars, called Fager’s Island. Renters can grab something to eat and drink before taking to the bay. Or reward themselves with a few adult beverages after exercising with a paddle in their hands.

And their fair prices don’t hurt either.

They start at $25 for the first hour. $50 for a half day. And $75 for a whole day. Renters are rewarded for their efforts with fair prices and an excellent location.

OC SUP and Fitness has become a staple for visitors flocking to the shores of Ocean City, and we understand why.

We just hope now you do too!

rent a SUP in Maryland


It may not seem like a vacation-mecca such as other places like New York or Florida. But the Washington D.C. and Maryland areas also offer great paddling scenery. And prices comparable to any other place in the country.

In fact, we would say these areas are hidden gems.

We risk ruining the hidden part with this article. But it's worth it. The places to explore in the D.C. and Maryland area of some of the countries' finest.

These shops have excellent customer service. Knowledge about SUP. And incredible locations make for a wonderful place to spend time on a SUP.

Don’t worry, we’ll let them know you’re coming.

And of course, we will see you out on the water!

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