5 Places to Rent a SUP in Seattle and the Nearby Area

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5 Places to Rent a SUP in the Seattle Area

The city of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are known for their water regions and vast pine forests.

The scenery and the smell of the area often brings a sense of mystique to those who visit the shores.  And immerse themselves into the surrounding nature.

By being on a SUP, paddlers can experience both the water and the forests at the same time.

Seizing this opportunity, shops along the coasts began to pop up. And they offering first-rate customer service and options for visitors of the shores.

Visiting the Pacific Northwest should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is truly a magnificent area waiting to be explored.

Our list of 5 Places to Rent a SUP In the Seattle Area you can rest assured that you will be getting the best customer service to make your trip unforgettable.

Northwest Outdoor Center (Seattle)

Our first shop on the list is a place for SUP in Seattle is called Northwest Outdoor Center, located conveniently in Seattle.

NWOC is an outfitter that offers paddlers stand up and sit-down options. Meaning, they have plenty of choices when it comes to SUP and kayaks as well.

If you are feeling like you want to spend the day sitting instead of standing, then heading to NWOC might the choice for you.

As far as stand up goes, they have a full range of durable epoxy boards to choose from with rates starting at $20 an hour per board. And the same rate continues to the number of hours you decide to spend on the water.

Paddling takes place on the scenic Lake Union in the heart of Seattle, giving paddles a flavor of nature, surrounded by the big city.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Which means, if you are in Seattle, Northwest Outdoor Center is one of the best places to experience time on a SUP!

SUP in Seattle

Northwest Paddle Surfers (Seattle)

Our next shop for SUP in Seattle is also located conveniently in the big city.

Northwest Paddle Surfers offers paddlers a chance to extend their SUP knowledge through lessons, explore the area on a tour, or get on the water as soon as possible through a one-time rental.

Most of their fleet of boards consist of a company called Red Paddle Co. which makes exclusively inflatable boards.

If you are skeptical about inflatables, don’t be!

With improved technology, inflatable boards are packed tight with multiple layers and reinforced foot pads and side panels, making for a smooth glide, comparable to that of a hard board.

Don’t believe us? Then get on down to NWPS are give one a go!

With multiple locations in Juanita Beach, Adams Street Boat Ramp, Marina Park in Kirkland, and Long Lake Beach Park in Lacey, you have multiple options to get on the water. And, no excuses!

Rates start at $25 for 1 hours’ worth of paddling and $40 for 2 hours.

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

We’ll see you out there!

SUP in Seattle

What’s SUP (Kenmore)

What’s SUP is our next shop located in Kenmore for SUP in Seattle. And with their excellent service and expert instruction, they do indeed answer the question of What’s SUP very thoroughly.

This outfitter is a smaller operation which means excellent customer service and one-on-one care provided to you, the paddler.

Expect to grab up a board and get a few tips before entering the water. The owners and instructors of What’s SUP want to make sure your time with them, and on the water, is the best it can be.

Your first hour of paddling will be $20 per board, and only a small fee of $12 for each additional hour. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!

Plus, finding yourself on the Sammamish River, surrounded by nature is an opportunity not to be passed up.

Find yourself by getting lost on the quiet waters of the river, underneath a warm sun with friends.

SUP in Seattle

Vancouver Water Adventures (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Our next stop for SUP in Seattle is a place called Vancouver Water Adventures located a little ways north in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Oh Canada! Gets included on our list because its just too beautiful to pass up. And while it may require a day trip, for most people who make their way up north, its worth it.

And if you aren’t sold on a SUP, Vancouver Water Adventures also offers boat tours, seadoo rentals, and kayaks.

Plenty of options for the picky renter in your life!

But once on a SUP, you can experience gliding through English Bay and False Creek, which may not sound like much to you right now.

But after looking at a few pictures, we are certain you’ll be as excited as we are about it.

Rates start at $20 for the first hour, $30 for a 2-hour rental, or you can load up on sessions and pay $150 for 10 1-hour sessions, or $225 for 10 2-hour sessions. Repeat customers are certainly the best customers.

And once you get to experience the scenery and become familiar with the crew at Vancouver Water Adventures, we are certain you will be back.

Oh! We almost forgot. Be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for details on their Buddy Deal. You might as well grab up some savings while you’re there!

Big Winds (Hood River, OR)

Big Winds is located in Hood River, Oregon.

While this isn't exactly a place to SUP in Seattle, Hood River is one of the most pristine places to experience SUP. And it is relatively in the area.

The clear water rushes over soft rocks as fallen pines and plenty of wildlife become your partners on the water.

The cool thing about Big Winds is they rent some of the best boards on the market. Naish boards.

If you are unfamiliar, Naish is named after the founder Robby Naish, one of the pioneers in the sport. Which means you will be standing atop a tried and true board, making your time on the water even more pleasurable.

Basic rentals start at $20 for the first hour, with each additional hour only costing $10 more. Full day rentals are $69 dollars. And you can email the team on their website if you looking to expand your rental into multiple days.

An additional cool option is the ability to hop on a carbon fiber board and feel the featherweight touch of a carbon fiber paddle in your hands for the price of $30 for the first hour, $45 for 2 hours, and $79 for a full day.

Not bad for an upgrade in equipment!

And as we always suggest, go with the carbon fiber if you have the option. You will not regret it!

Be sure to give Big Winds a shout if you are in the Hood River area. And let them know you guided you along the way!


Seattle and the great Pacific Northwest is often described as an outdoorsman’s paradise.

And for good reason.

The great outdoors is the adjective often used to describe this region which gives residents and visitors the opportunity to fish, hunt, explore, hike, kayak, boat, SUP and more.

Biased as we are at Perfect Paddles, we always believe the best activity to experience outside is on a SUP, and the best opportunity to do so is now.

Upon descending into the vast pine forests and clear, freshwater bodies, be sure to contact one of these shops on our list.

Their excellent offerings and customer service will not let you down when you SUP in Seattle.

We guarantee it!

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