4 SUP Yoga & Fitness Classes in the San Diego Area

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SUP Yoga and Fitness Classes to Try in the San Diego Area

Wondering where to go for SUP yoga and fitness classes in San Diego? Check out this list of our best recommendations!

San Diego offers countless ways for you to have fun on the water.

The popularity of the city has exploded due to its warmer, seasonal weather year-round. And the opulent choices in where to stay. What food to eat. And what sites to see.

One of the fastest growing activities in San Diego is yoga on a paddle board. And fitness classes combining on land training and in water paddling.

But if you're not sure which outfitter is right for you, it can be difficult to make a decision.

Refer then, to this list of some of the best outfitters in San Diego!

Let’s get started!

Sunset Standup Paddle (Laguna Beach)

First up for SUP yoga and fitness in San Diego is Sunset Standup Paddle. They are located in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach is a bit farther north than San Diego. However, Sunset Standup Paddle makes it onto our list regardless. This is due to their offer of not just SUP yoga but also a class called SUP sweat.

Their sweat class is described as an amphibious, functional movement workout. Participants can expect to mimic a bootcamp or Crossfit style exercise. This combines movements on land (such as burpees and pushups) with paddling sprints in the water. If you decide to push your limits and enroll in a sweat class be prepared with plenty of water and a great attitude!

But, if getting into the best shape of your life is not your thing...

Then maybe try out a SUP yoga class instead.

These classes tend to be calmer, floating peacefully in Laguna. They are tailored to both beginner and experienced paddlers and yogis alike. And as Sunset Standup Paddle puts it on their website, “One savasana (relaxed laying pose) while swaying above the kelp forests and you’ll be hooked!”

We tend to believe them.

Look for their page on Perfect Paddles here to receive additional savings on their services!

SUP yoga and fitness in San Diego

Mission Beach Yoga (San Diego)

With this choice we have officially moved into the city of San Diego- Mission Beach Yoga.

As their name implies, this outfitter specializes in leading yoga classes on and off the water.

Their classes are designed for practitioners of all levels and styles. In addition, no paddling experience is required. Highly qualified instructors will first take you through the steps of how to paddle. How to successfully stand up. And how to drop anchor to make sure your board won’t drift away during class.

Their 90-minute classes will take students from uncertain beginners to seasoned veterans on the water. They combine a solid foundation in paddling with an exciting and healing experience through yoga on the water.

For all things strictly yoga-related, Mission Beach Yoga is your go to source!

SUP yoga and fitness in San Diego

Bliss Paddle Yoga (San Diego)

The next outfitter on our list should be a familiar sight to those who have been following blog posts on Perfect Paddles.

Bliss Paddle Yoga located in San Diego is one of the best outfitters offering yoga classes in Southern California.

They are so highly thought of that their other location happened to appear on our Top 10 list for the Los Angeles area as well!

This is due not only to their excellent customer service and fun classes, but because of their top-tier staff teaching full yoga classes to students who end up leaving the water relaxed and buzzed because of the combination of movement and breath.

But the highlight of their classes are in the savasana pose, as participants are winding down towards the end of class, they are guided through a gentle laying pose, where they are encouraged to take in the sights, and especially the sounds of their aquatic environment.

The beautiful noises of the waves combined with the bird chirping in the distance is enough to get anyone hooked!

Also, be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for savings on their services through our Buddy Deal.

West Coast Paddlesports (San Diego)

Alright everyone, we are at last spot for SUP yoga and fitness classes in the San Diego area.

Taking this prestigious spot is a shop and outfitter called West Coast Paddlesports located on the coast of San Diego.

Not only do they provide excellent service when it comes to fitness classes, training on SUP, and beginner lessons, but they are a complete shop full of equipment, boards, and accessories for everyone looking to get involved in the sport.

West Coast Paddlesports is the best shop to stop into if you are new to the sport or want to advance your technique. Highly competent instructors will guide new students to getting comfortable with a paddle in their hands and the water under their feet.

But beyond this, they offer training and race training on a SUP to get you into the best shape of your life. By preaching the perfect technique, students will undoubtedly engage major muscle groups in the chest, back, arms, legs and core to get a full-body workout which may be even better than a gym.

These reasons combined with the ability to scout equipment, pick the brains of highly qualified individuals inside the SUP community, and get into great shape, make West Coast Paddlesports our number one shop and outfitter on our list of 5 Sup Yoga and Fitness Classes to Try in the San Diego Area.


San Diego is a city known for its absolute beauty found in its abundant beaches and impossibly nice weather. For these reasons, millions of people make their way to its shores every year.

But what is alluring about this city is also the level of activity citizens of it are involved in.

While surfing has always been a main attraction, over the last few years, paddle boarding has grown right alongside it.

And with paddle boarding came supplemental activities such as yoga on a board, and fitness classes on land and on a board.

Through this booming industry, outfitters in the area quickly began to offer such classes.

With this list we hope to provide you with a clear picture of which outfitters and shops to contact if you are looking for the best place to participate in a SUP yoga class or a paddling fitness class. The opportunities are seemingly endless. So, let’s spend this season outside, becoming the best versions of ourselves as we can be!

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