6 Shops for SUP Rentals in the New York and New Jersey Area

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New York, New York, it’s quite a town.

Bright lights, busy streets, Broadway, restaurants, Times Square, the list of places to visit and see are innumerable.

But we would like to add one more thing to that list: SUP.

Yes, SUP!

Both New York, New York, and the coast of New Jersey have some of the best spots to explore the waters of the East Coast.

Providing these opportunities are plenty of outfitters and shops along the coast to fit your every need. From lessons to tours to rentals, they have you covered.

And with the shops listed here, you can rest assured you will be getting some of the highest quality service in the SUP industry for rentals.

Let’s begin!

Manhattan Kayak and SUP (New York, NY)

Our first shop is a place called Manhattan Kayak and SUP located in the heart of it all- New York, New York.

In the city so nice they named it twice, you can find excellent customer service for lessons, SUP rentals, and tours around some of the biggest landmarks in the city, and rentals.

Guided trips from Manhattan Kayak and SUP can take you around even the Statue of Liberty.

But if you are one of those people that like to take to the seas solo, bursting with confidence, then a rental may be for you.

Prices start at $10 for 45 minutes, which, believe us, is a great deal!

And another cool option- if you have a well-mannered dog who loves the water as much as you do, feel free to bring them along and have them ride with you on the board.

Definitely check out Manhattan Kayak and SUP for your SUP rental needs in the big city. Trust us, the view from the water is incredible.

Surf Skate Fitness (New York, NY)

Our next stop is a place called Surf Skate Fitness also located in the Big Apple, New York, NY.

SSK is one of those shops that does a ton of things, and they do them well.

Instead of just a SUP outfitter and shop, they also offer customers a chance to get on a few skateboards, purchase, and ride. They also offer fitness classes and distance paddles which will challenge you to get into the best shape of your life.

But as far as rentals go, you know you will be in good hands as they offer two options for customers- a full day rental ranging from 8 AM to 8 PM for $50 and a full day during those same time frames but with a board delivery option and pick up service in Jamiaca Bay for $100 for the day.

Did you get that?

You have an option for board delivery and pickup in Jamaica Bay. Now that is service.

Surf Skate Fitness in New York should be your go-to spot for all things board sports and beyond.

Kostal Paddle (Manorhaven, NY)

Next up is a Perfect Paddles staple- Kostal Paddle in Manorhaven, New York.

Offering two locations, one in Florida and the other in New York, Kostal Paddle doesn’t limit their business to just SUP owners. They offer surf lessons and rentals as well.

And before you ask, yes there is surf in the New York area. In fact, it’s a hidden gem when it comes to surfing, especially in the wintertime if you don’t mind being a little cold for the duration.

For lessons, they offering group rates of $55 for a comprehensive tutorial on every facet of the paddle stroke, to stance, safety and everything in between.

Regarding rentals, prices start at $30 for 1 hour, $40 for 2 hours, $55 for 4 hours and $100 for a full day or 8 hours.

They also have options for multiple day rentals but it might be best to consult their website for these options.

Their protected area where they paddle is great for beginners or adventure junkies looking to flip the script and have a nice relaxing time on the water.

Sandy Hook Kayaks (Middletown, NJ)

Don’t be fooled by the name of our next stop in New Jersey. Sandy Hook Kayaks also has a full line of boards they rent to customers in the beautiful bay area of Middletown.

Prices for their rentals start at $25 per board for the first hour, and $84 for a 24 hour rental.

All boards are of the BIC SUP variety which means you will get the feel of what a major board company quality is like.

BIC, yes that same company which produces pens, submerged their business into the SUP industry a few years back deciding to create low-end boards for cheap prices, which allowed a ton of people to make their jump into SUP relatively easy.

But recently, BIC has stepped up their game, now producing a full range of boards, from epoxy to carbon fiber.

By renting one of Sandy Hook Kayaks boards, you will get a great idea on the type of board you would like to buy as well as the price range you will fit into.

For more information, feel free to take a look on their Perfect Paddles page here, and give them a shout when you are in the Middletown, New Jersey area.

Flow Paddle Yoga (Red Bank, NJ)

Flow Paddle Yoga in Red Bank, New Jersey is our next shop on the list.

Their main launch for rentals is located at Maple Cove in Red Bank but Flow Paddle offers a service which most shops do not.

Through their concierge service, they offer the freedom to paddle wherever and whenever you’d like.

Using their customized A-frame they can bring up to 20 boards to a location of your choice. You will be provided with paddles, appropriate life jackets, and a quick instruction to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable on the boards.

For rates on their concierge service, it is best to discuss with them, but when it comes to traditional rental rates you can expect to pay $25 for 1 hours’ worth of paddling and $45 for up to 4 hours.

Take advantage of this great service today!

JK Kayak and SUP (Cold Spring Harbor, NY)

Our last stop on the tour of the greater New York area is a place called JK Kayak and SUP located in COlf Spring Harbor.

Besides offering excellent services on kayaks, and beginner lessons for SUP enthusiasts, you can also take advantage of their rental pricing by grabbing a board and getting out there yourself.

Rates start at $35 for 1 hour on a SUP and $45 for 2 hours, with three hours or more coming in at $20 per hour.

Not a bad rate!

By taking the last option you are actually saving money and doubling your fun.

But like real-estate gurus have been saying for years, this place finds its peak on their location, location, location.

Cold Spring Harbor is a picturesque town, filled with old cottage mansions, docked sailboats, and green trees lining the calm shores.

Adventuring here is worth your time as you will leave with lasting memories and pictures which will look like fresh postcards.

JK Kayak and SUP come with a high Perfect Paddles recommendation for SUP rentals for its location alone.


New York and the sport of SUP may not be synonymous when you think about the two. But that is where we come in and prove you wrong.

There are plenty of great waterbodies to explore in the New York and New Jersey area. From beaches to rivers to lakes, the area truly has it all.

And along with these great spots, companies along the coast are now offering world-class instruction and rentals adding to the allure of SUP.

With this list, we hope to have pushed you towards the right direction when you next visit New York and the surrounding areas.

Make SUP a part of your vacation, and you may just be hooked!

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