6 SUP Yoga & Fitness Classes in the Washington D.C. & Maryland Area

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6 Great SUP Yoga and Fitness Classes in the Washington D.C. Area

Want to find the perfect SUP yoga and fitness class while in D.C. or Maryland? Check out this list of six shops that will provide you with the best time on the water.

Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy body and active lifestyle. The benefits of getting regular exercise are tremendous. They include reducing the risk of heart attack. Losing weight. Lowering cholesterol. It can help slow the aging process. Boost your metabolism. Elevate your mood. And the list can go on!

You may also experience certain side effects as well. Such as an increase confidence. A general sense of happiness. A reduction in anxiety and stress. And an overall sense of well-being.

Is that enough to convince you to begin regular exercise?

Well, if it isn’t then maybe these outfitters offering fitness and yoga classes on the waters will! This list is full of places in the D.C. and Maryland areas. And they will be the tipping point to entice you to start moving your body.

This is a Perfect Paddles list of some of the best shops for a SUP yoga or SUP fitness class. Let’s begin!

Capital SUP (Washington D.C. and Annapolis)

First up on our list for SUP yoga in Maryland is an outfitter called Capital SUP. They currently have two locations. One in the heart of D.C. And the other close by in the capital of Maryland, Annapolis.

Whichever location you decide to visit, their class offerings are very similar. As is the quality they provide for excited participants ready to get into the best shape of their lives.

Starting with fitness, Cap SUP offers a bootcamp class. Which is a total body workout combining timed interval paddling and natural body movements. These include squats, pushups, sit-ups and more.

From there, they offer a SUP Pilates class. Which, like all Pilates courses, is designed to destroy your core! We’re kidding. But not really.

Each class begins with a warmup paddle to get classes used to the boards. Once the warmup is complete, paddlers will make their way to the floating studio. There they will connect their boards and begin the Pilates section of the class. This is a great way to burn calories and strengthen one of the most important muscle groups in body.

SUP Dance

Their most unique offering though, is a class they call SUP Dance. This is an all-level party on the water! As they write on the Capital SUP website, “The class takes people through a dance warmup, including stretches, and instruction of the moves that will be focused on throughout the class and choreography.” They continue, “Loud music, beautiful scenery, on the water, filled with laughter and it’s a workout?! What could be better?!” What could be better, indeed?

But for those who sway towards focusing on balancing mind and body, Capital SUP also offers a SUP yoga class on the calm waters of Back Creek. Their yoga class utilizes the floating studio to connect boards on a stable surface. And you will be in close proximity with their instructor.

This gives participants a strong feeling of being taught the proper positions of yoga by a highly qualified instructor. And in a more intimate setting.

All yoga classes are open to every level, whether you are new to yoga or even paddling!

And what’s even better than these excellent classes? Getting a discount on them! By visiting their page here, you can use our Buddy Deal to save some money on their services. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Yeah. We thought so too.

Surf Reston (Reston, VA)

Next up for SUP yoga in Maryland! Surf Reston in, well, Reston, Virginia.

While they do not currently offer any fitness classes, what they do offer is a peaceful time on the water, floating underneath the clouds, during a one-and-a-half-hour SUP yoga class.

Taking place on Lake Anne, Surf Reston’s classes are open to all levels, whether you are completely new to the paddling scene or even don’t really know what yoga is.

Which is great!

Because that means you have nothing to worry about. Their excellent instructors will take you through every basic when it comes to being on the water to get you comfortable and practicing the yogic movements with grace.

These classes are an excellent way to increase your fitness, balance, strength, and to open your lungs to the yogic breath, essentially vitalizing your body with an immense amount of energy.

Be sure to check out Surf Reston if you are looking for a peaceful afternoon on Lake Anne.

B’More SUP (Baltimore, MD)

Located in close proximity to Washington D.C. is the beautiful sister city of Baltimore, Marlyand where our next outfitter is located- Baltimore SUP. Or called by its shortened name- B’More SUP.

With this company, the potential paddler gets…options especially for SUP yoga in Maryland!

Highly qualified instructors offer paddlers to choose from an array of classes called FloYo, FloyoFit, SloFlo, Paddle Pilates, SUP Bootcamp and Yoga on the Pier (Not on a SUP but we are including it anyway!).

Phew, that’s a lot of choices. Let us help you narrow them down a bit by providing more information.


FloYo is your basic SUP yoga class and happens to be their signature, and most popular class. It involves a vinyasa yoga sequence involving sun salutations, followed by lengthening and strengthening poses, balance postures and breathing techniques.

If you haven’t taken a yoga class before, those words may not mean much to you. But, for a beginner class, this is the correct choice.

Their FloyoFit combines yoga and a more interval training circuit where classes will be led through a series of yoga stretches to warmup and cooldown with, but in between in the calorie burning high interval training where you can expect to do some mountain climbers, squats, and band exercises.

SloFlo is a restorative class emphasizing relaxation. These classes are slower in nature and expect groups to hold postures longer, emphasizing the stretch and breath. These classes will have you feeling relaxed by the end!

Paddle Pilates classes are exactly as they sound! A combination of hard paddling and core burning Pilate movements make for an entertaining class that will leave you feeling sore, but ultimately, stronger.

The last SUP offering is Bootcamp. Oh boy. Think of this class as being similar to FloyoFit but without the parts that people like. Expect an intense workout with difficult movements on the board, combined with paddling and standing on an unstable surface. What more could you ask for?

With these immense offerings, B’More SUP is one of the best places in the area for fitness classes on the water.

SUP yoga in Maryland

Overboard Paddle and Fitness (East New Market, MD)

Overboard Paddle and Fitness finds its way next onto our list for SUP yoga in Maryland, located in East New Market, Maryland.

This company offers a standard beginner lesson which is great for the first-time paddler as they are located on a shallow, calm body of water called Cabin Creek.

But outside of their beginner lessons, owner and operator Angela Thomas, also offers a unique twist when it comes to yoga on the water.

Partnering with a company called FlowMotion Fitt, she purchased what they call a Big Buddha Pod and a set of Fit Mats which connect to the pod.

This setup offers her the chance to surround herself with the class as she guides them through a series of yoga postures and exercise routines, while at the same time still keeping what’s great about a SUP- the instability which strengthens the core, and the beautiful, natural surroundings.

For a completely unique take on an outdoor studio, we highly suggest checking Overboard Paddle and Fitness out!

SUP yoga in Maryland

Walk on Water (Ocean City, MD)

Next on our list for SUP yoga in Maryland is Walk on Water.

Heading east from Washington D.C. and across the Bay Bridge, vacationers flock to the shores of O.C. to experience what life is like on the beach.

And it’s pretty great actually. As one can expect.

Close to the wonderful shores of Assateague Island, vacationers will find the premiere paddling shop on be Eastern Shore, Walk on Water.

Besides offering a complete retail store to gear you up in case you were looking to purchase your own goods, Walk on Water provides a first-class operation when it comes to SUP yoga on their quiet spot at a nearby tributary.

These classes are perfect for people looking to break the redundancy of the beach and drinks and get onto the water in a different fashion.

Each class includes a beginner lesson to get you onto the water before dropping anchor and being guided through a relaxing yogic flow. The great part is, there is no need to first purchase a beginner lesson as it is already included so you get a great yoga flow on the water and the complete knowledge on how to paddle before heading out. It’s a two-for-one!

And after the paddle, you can stop by their shop to scope out your future board or head back into town for more beach!

SUP yoga in Maryland

OC SUP and Fitness (Ocean City, MD)

Rounding out our six shops for SUP yoga in Maryland is a place called OC SUP and Fitness located in downtown Ocean City, MD.

Headed by owner and operator, Dawn Ehman, who has been a staple in the fitness industry for over a decade, participants in her and her excellent instructors’ classes will ensure you will get the best service available in the area.

They offer three choices when it comes to fitness with their first being Flowga. This class is a staple at OC SUP and Fitness as it combines both stands up paddling and yoga, with a little instruction thrown in there at the same time. Through continued participation, you can expect to develop better balance, coordination, and strength by linking the unique poses with your breath.

The second-class choice is called Core Paddle, which, according to their website is described as, “Warm up your core by paddling to a quiet, serene cove. Then indulge in a workout that infuses yoga, Pilates, and strength training to challenge your midsection and increase your body balance and muscle tone. Planks, crunches, and more will make your core muscles engage like never before.” Sounds great to us!

And the last class is a SUP Bootcamp. Think of this one as the most difficult in the bunch, as it combines paddling, plyometrics, and strength training. Also, of note, it is done in high intensity intervals with love intensity recover periods. This is a total body workout that feels like you’re training with a private instructor. Be prepared for a little pain, a whole lot of sweat, and the feeling of being your best self after the class is over!

SUP yoga in Maryland


One of the best things we can do for our bodies to improve our lives is to exercise.

Whether this involves running, strength training, spending time on a SUP, it does not matter! What matters is the consistency it takes to maintain this healthy lifestyle and become the best version of yourself you can be.

Luckily for you, paddling can encompass every form of exercise into a one-hour class where you can feel the vitalization of yoga or the core burning sensation of a difficult strength-training routine.

With these shops in mind, we hope to steer you in the right direction when it comes to your choice of which shops to reach out to in order to sign up for one of their classes.

Exercise is important. But so is making it fun. And the best way to have fun while sweating is on a SUP!

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