8 Great SUP Yoga & Fitness Classes in San Francisco

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San Francisco is one of the most active cities in the country.

Every day, millions of people living within the city limits and the surrounding areas wake up and head to a gym to get a workout in, to a yoga studio to extend their flow, or grab a bike and swing across town.

The way you choose to maintain an active lifestyle are only limited by your imagination in San Francisco.

Which is why the sport of SUP has boomed across its shores over the last ten years.

It seems there are endless places offering beginner lessons to get new people on boards, or fitness classes to sharpen your physical endurance and cardio output or offering a growing contingent of paddling in the form of SUP yoga.

No matter which faction you are interested in, shops and outfitters filling the shores of the city will no doubt fill your need.

However, if you plan on visiting or call it your home, and you want to get involved in SUP as a supplement to your already healthy lifestyle, then consider hopping on a board and participating in a workout or flowing through your familiar yoga poses while standing on the water.

And if you wanted to know exactly where to do these activities, do not worry, Perfect Paddles has you covered.

These are our 8 Yoga and Fitness Classes in the San Francisco Area to check out. Enjoy!

Mike’s Paddle (Alameda)

Making its way first onto our list is Mike’s Paddle in Alameda.

A regular staple on our lists, Mike’s Paddle is a wonderful outfitter in northern California, extending first-rate classes, information, and advice on all things SUP.

Offering SUP yoga classes and Pilates classes in the morning, they provide excellent customer service and expert instruction to start your day off the best way possible!

Both of these offerings will increase your vitalization, cardio, strength, and stamina by participating in a relaxing yoga flow or a more advanced 2-hour Pilates class with emphasis on the core, while floating peacefully on the water.

But what makes them land on our list?

They offer a SUP yoga certification for those who find their passion and calling on the water and in yoga.

How awesome is that?

If after taking a class at Mike’s Paddle, you feel the need to pursue the activity farther, their expert instructors will lead you in the right direction to become your own teacher, and eventually lead classes yourself.

This is an unparalleled offering which very few shops provide- making Mike’s Paddle a lock for our list.

And be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for savings through our Buddy Deal.

Sea Trek (Sausalito)

Landing at our next spot is an outfitter called Sea Trek, out of Sausalito.

The reasons for this landing spot are many, but really it comes down to one thing- location, location, location.

Remember that old saying?

Well it still rings true!

Their SUP yoga classes are held in the San Francisco Bay, so not only do participants get to experience an extended yoga flow on the water, but they get to do it surrounded by the wonderful views of the bay.

What more could you ask for?

Here’s more.

Their highly qualified instructors will guide participants of any skill level- meaning you can have absolutely no idea what yoga is or even a paddleboard, and they will still take you through the class, calmly explain what the mechanisms at work are when it comes to paddling, and guide you through a revitalizing yoga experience where you will leave feeling stronger and refreshed.

Ok, now, what more could you ask for?

How about a discount?

Check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for savings on their services! You cannot possibly ask for anything more than that!

Rubicon Adventures (Forestville)

Next up on our list is an outfitter called Rubicon Adventures located in Forestville.

This all-inclusive SUP shop is located outside of the San Francisco area, but close enough to still be included on our list.

While they offer plenty of options for those looking to spend time on a SUP, including beginner lessons, clinics, multi-day trips and special charters, where we are concerned for this list is in their excellent classes involving yoga on a SUP.

Led by a certified yoga master, classes are $30 per person and guide students through a simple flow while taking in the wonderful landscape of their launching point along the Russian River in northern California.

Enjoy time on the river while increasing oxygen flow to the body with full stretches, routines and flows, ending with a silent savasana, or relaxed pose, on the board, listening to the gentle noises of nature.

For those looking to practice yoga on the water, Rubicon Adventures in Forestville is the place to go!

SUP Shack (Santa Cruz)

Making its way next onto the list is a company called SUP Shack in Santa Cruz.

This outfitter is a perfect example of what it means to include all activities on a SUP as well as employ highly qualified individuals to guide students through them.

Besides offering beginner lessons and excursions SUP Shack also has two choices for exercise on the boards.

Their SUP yoga classes are an hour in duration and take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Students will be assessed as to their paddling abilities before being expected to make their way onto the water. But once this is done, groups will be shown how to anchor their boards before being led through a fun, and challenging, yoga flow- encompassing all poses to create a sense of grounding and vitalizing energy.

But if you’re looking for more of a cardio workout, the Shack also offers a one-hour SUP Fitness and Wellness class.

Tighten your core and increase your strength through paddling, squats, planks and some easy yoga poses to end the session.

Not only will you start to see an improvement in your strength and cardio output but a monumental leap in your paddling ability and endurance.

Take your workout to the water and reap the benefits!

On Board SUP (Redwood City)

Taking the next spot on our list is a company called On Board SUP in Redwood City.

What makes this outfitter shine is not only their intense, fun, and inclusive yoga classes but the highly qualified instructors which run them.

The founder of On Board SUP is a woman named Leigh. She owns certifications in yoga and fitness which has spanned a lengthy and dynamic career. In addition, she is a founding director of Professional Stand Up Paddle Association and has SUP Master/Instructor Certificates with the PSUPA, ASI/WSUPA, and is active in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Enough said, right?

Well, let’s just say a little more.

Through these varied experiences and trainings, Leigh brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding not just to those looking to paddle, but to those also looking to branch into additional activities on a board.

If you do decide to contact On Board SUP for a yoga or fitness class, you can rest assured you will be getting a lesson from a top instructor. Which can make all the difference.

Perfect Paddles highly recommends Leigh and her team at On Board SUP in Redwood City.

Boardsports California (San Mateo)

Cracking the next spot on our list is a shop called Boardsports California in San Mateo.

We placed Boardsports at on here because of their yoga classes and the easy ability for those looking to try a flow on the water to do so.

Their SUP yoga classes are billed as an Introduction of SUP Yoga, which is a friendly reminder that you do not have to be incredibly skilled at paddling or yoga before deciding to join a class.

Most of the poses done during one of their classes are on the easier spectrum of stretching, allowing beginners to maintain their balance while at the same time still feeling the benefits of stretching and practicing on the water.

Due to their importance on inclusivity, we recommend those looking to try a yoga class on a board to contact Boardsports California and get on the water!

101 Surf Sports (Redwood City)

101 Surf Spots in Redwood City is our next stop in the San Francisco area.

For those who have been following Perfect Paddles and our lists, you may be very familiar with 101 Surf Spots- and for good reason!

Their shop is a one-stop shop for everything SUP related, including classes pertaining to SUP yoga and fitness.

They currently have two locations for classes in Sausalito and Redwood City where they guide new and experienced paddlers through a series of stretches found in traditional yoga, as well as a few Pilates movements thrown in to sharpen your core, and a few cardio fitness staples to make sure your heart is pumping and getting strong.

Instantly transform your practice space from a sterile studio to the outdoors where sun, wind, water, and the surrounding landscape becomes your stage and soundtrack as you delve further into your practice of yoga and your understanding of what makes paddling so great.

Join a class from their highly qualified staff and you may shortly become a regular. Perfect Paddles highly recommends stopping in to see the nice people at 101 Surf Spots and be sure to check out their page here for additional discounts through our Buddy Deal!

510 Waterline (Richmond)

Gliding into the next position is an outfitter called 510 Waterline in Richmond.

How does this shop stand above the rest?

Simple: they have three choices for fitness enthusiasts to choose from!

Offering a fitness class, a basic yoga class, and a SUP yoga core class, 501 Waterline has all of their bases covered by highly qualified instructors who will not only lead you through the class but to greater feats of physical strength previously thought impossible.

Their fitness class, labeled as a Boot Camp, can burn as many calories as running but with minimal joint impact, given the location on the water. In addition to the increased cardio, participants can expect to see increases in their balance, strength, and even flexibility.

Their yoga classes are 90-minutes in length where instructors will guide groups through a Vinyasa flow, incorporating the most well-known stretches on the board. And if you want to up your yoga game, sign up for a Yoga Core class where emphasis will be put on, you guessed it, your core!

For the duration of this class, participants can expect to spend a third of their time paddling, getting used to the boards, and understanding the basics, a third practicing traditional yoga, and a third working on core strength. It’s a full body workout!

510 Waterline lands on our list due to their excellent choices to get on the water, and as your perfect opportunity to work towards being in the best shape of your life!


San Francisco is a beautiful city, filled with abundant opportunities to get yourself outside, exercising, under a warm sun and near the water.

And one of the best ways to do so is on a SUP. Sure, we may be a bit biased here at Perfect Paddles, but we see no better alternative when it comes to enjoying the surrounding natural world and the water.

By participating in a SUP yoga or fitness class, you are essentially combining the beautiful landscapes with a thorough workout, making for a greater chance at a repeat visit and eventually, getting into the best shape of your life.

We hope this list inspires you to get on a board and start exercising. And of course, Perfect Paddles is always here to guide you in whichever direction you choose!

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