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Did you know...

Watching the sunrise or the sunset has a profound positive effect on your overall wellbeing...

increasing your feel-good hormones and arousing deep gratitude for your life and the natural world?

It's true!

Don't believe us?

According to Psychology Today, a recent study found, "A greater engagement with beauty was associated with higher levels of life satisfaction, gratitude, and a spiritual outlook. The association was strongest for engagement with natural beauty, as compared to artistic beauty (such as a painting, symphony or poem) or moral beauty (such as an act of charity, loyalty or kindness). One theory is that appreciation for the beauty of nature is so powerful because it’s instinctual rather than learned. There’s a natural tendency to stop and stare at a breathtaking sunset."

But that's not all - "In general, people who feel connected with nature report being happier and having more positive emotions than those who don’t share this connection."

Pretty cool, right?

We're almost positive you've experienced this yourself.

Just think back to a recent memory about enjoying a beautiful sunset by yourself or with your friends and family.

Feels good right? And that's just remembering it! In the moment, the effects were tenfold.

Right now you're probably thinking, "That's great and all, but what does this have to do with SUP?"


One of the best places to experience the magic of a sunrise or a sunset is from the platform of your SUP!

And there are plenty of outfitters out there who specialize in making them magical.

With just a quick search on our Locations/Activities page under "Sunrise" or "Sunset" paddle, you will receive a full list of places that offer this special service.

Let's countdown our Top 3 Outfitters with Sunrise and Sunset paddles to get you excited!

But before we get there - just a quick reminder to stay tuned for this week's SUP-inspired workout down below! Now, on with it!

3. Coastline Algarve Raposeira, Portugal

Easily one of our favorite tours, Coastline Algarve offers a sunrise paddle tour for the early risers! Details from their site, "Nature and SUP lovers this tour is for you! The most magical time to go paddleboarding is at sunrise. Beat the crowds and paddle in one of the most famous coastlines in the world: Ponta da Piedade in Lagos is full of grottoes, caves, natural arches, hidden golden beaches and impressive rock formations."

Buddy Deal: 10% off services

sunrise paddles
2. LightSUP Hawaii, Waimea, HI

LightSUP offers some of the most unique paddling tours in Hawaii. As their name suggests, they have nighttime glow tours with boards lit up underneath to see the water and wildlife swimming underneath as you paddle! And they offer both a Sunrise paddle and Sunset paddle tours. From their website, "This adventure begins just as the sun dips for the horizon.

We'll paddle out over the shallows of the reef, catching up with the honu, Hawaii's Green Sea Turtle, and the reef fish, gradually making our way to our sunset viewing spot to relax and admire the changing colors as the sun sets. This is when the magic happens! With lights on, 4500 lumens illuminate the reef drop offs and arches. As we paddle back, we'll be keeping our eyes open for the manta rays who will be searching for their plankton dinner. The reef at night is a whole new world, as we light up all the life that thrives in the dark." Sounds amazing to us!

Buddy Deal: 10% off services

sunrise paddles
1. Green Fin Paddle Co. Destin, FL

Nestled into the Gulf coast and harboring clear blue waters and wonderful sunshine lies an outfitter called Green Fin Paddle Co. While they offer a variety of sunrise tours for paddlers, their sunset tour is one to experience. Paddle into the bay for a chance to see the abundance of sea life including their sea turtles which often nest right on the shore! In addition, as part of their weekly sunset tour, you can experience the wonder of fireworks from your board on the bay! This is truly a sunset tour that will elevate your mood like never before. Don't miss out!

Buddy Deal: Save $15 on every tour

sunrise paddles
Ready to start sun gazing for a fun way to increase your outlook on life and decrease anxiety and stress?

Then highly suggest combining it with SUP - another activity known to produce the same results in its participants.


Time for your weekly workout!

This week we are featuring a bodyweight, 8 exercise routine from the wonderful folks at SUP Boarder Mag.

The routine, with demonstrations, are below. Scroll down for your reps and sets for this week!

Paddle Squats

Jumping Lunges

Plank Walkouts


Plank T-Rotations

Kick Throughs

Side Lunges

SUPerman Planks

Reps and sets are as follows:

Beginner - 1x through

Paddle Squats x10
Jumping Lunges x10 each leg, x20 total
Plank Walkouts x10
Pushups x10
Plank T-Rotations x10 each side, x20 total
Kick Throughs x10 each side, x20 total
Side Lunges x10 each side, x20 total
SUPerman Planks x10 each side, 20 total

Intermediate - 3x through

Paddle Squats x10
Jumping Lunges x10 each leg, x20 total
Plank Walkouts x10
Pushups x10
Plank T-Rotations x10 each side, x20 total
Kick Throughs x10 each side, x20 total
Side Lunges x10 each side, x20 total
SUPerman Planks x10 each side, 20 total

SUP Living Legend - 4x through

Paddle Squats x20
Jumping Lunges x15 each leg, x30 total
Plank Walkouts x15
Pushups x20
Plank T-Rotations x15 each side, x30 total
Kick Throughs x15 each side, x30 total
Side Lunges x15 each side, x30 total
SUPerman Planks x15 each side, x30 total

That's it!

Remember to always hydrate, stretch before jumping right into the routine, and pace yourself! If you're not up to going four times through the routine, start with the lower reps and sets.

And don't forget - have fun!

SUP, exercise, sun gazing - these are all activities designed to create a better life for ourselves by taking care of the one thing we truly own in this life...

Our bodies.

Take care of yourself in the present so that you may feel the way you want to in the future.

That's all for this week...

In the meantime remember to stay stoked!

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