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Get into great paddling shape with this intense beach HIIT workout!

The exercises/times include:

  • Squat 40 seconds
  • Squat Hold 20 seconds
  • Accelerators 40 seconds
  • Plank Hold 20 seconds
  • Fast Feet 20 seconds
  • Lateral Agility 40 seconds
  • Reverse Lunges 20 seconds
  • 4-Mod Pushups/4 Scissor Kicks 40 seconds
  • Planks 20 seconds
  • V-Lunge 40 seconds
  • Free Movement 20 seconds
  • Sumo Punch 40 seconds
  • Shifters 20 seconds

If you're not sure about how to perform any of the exercises, refer to the video below!

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Daniel is a travelling author with a passion for exploring new waterways and sharing his experiences with the world.

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