Comprehensive Basic SUP Lesson-LA Stand Up Paddle Boarders Club

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Lesson 1 - Basic Paddle Skills (hosted by Paddle Method!)


SUP is all about connecting your body to your paddle through your paddle stroke and eventually timing that stroke to connect you to the energy in the water that is all around you. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is! Your first lesson gets your feet on the board and launches you onto the learning curve!

You will:

Learn about the equipment

Water safety

Learn to paddle on the sand “Sand Art”and see what your stroke feels like before you get on the water: front stroke, stopping and back stroke, bracing for stability, basic turns for board control in 360 degrees.

Tips to move the power through your arms and into your core

How to pick up and carry your board and paddle

Water entry for flat water, marina environment

Knee paddle and self rescue techniques while you acclimate to the water and apply what you learned on the sand
Practice basic skills: paddling in a straight line, staying still, 360 turns
Learn to read the water for wind and wave directions

How to get to your feet and correct foot position

Learn balance and how to create and control your momentum

Build your confidence and practice what you’ve learned in a flat water lagoon

Finally, dismount and landings

*Classes include up to 6 paddlers and run for 60 minutes and are open to all ages that can swim, 14 and up. All top quality equipment and instruction is included. This group lesson meets at Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey every weekend and can be scheduled by appointment during the week -- call 310-770-7291 to book or schedule.

Thank you!

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Apr 20 2024


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Mothers Beach - 14100 Palawan way - Marina del Rey
Mothers Beach - 14100 Palawan way - Marina del Rey, CA, us