Exercise is the Best Way to Look and Feel Your Best

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This is the best way to improve your health and well-being!


Exercise is important.

We all know it's supposed to be a vital part of our daily routine in order to:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Increase your strength which delays signs of aging
  • Lose weight
  • Feel better
  • And be more active in the world

It's a cheap (and effective) way to dramatically increase your quality of life.

But knowledge doesn't always lead to action.

Mostly because everyone knows that exercise is important but are uncertain about what type of exercise is good or even how to begin.

To help remedy this situation, the team at Perfect Paddles has put together two new and easy ways you can get back into the best shape of your life...

So that it can translate to more adventures on the water as soon as Spring hits.

The first is a rundown on two types of circuit exercises you can use:

HIIT vs. Tabata

Learn the differences between the two, when you should use one or the other, and follow along with an exercise routine of each (with timers included)...

  • One HIIT workout for your home, and one to use ON THE WATER with your SUP.
  • One Tabata workout for your home, and one to use ON THE WATER with your SUP.

With the workouts included in this week's article you can get into great shape - and do it quickly!

The other offering is an opportunity to partake in a 12-Week one-on-one fitness and wellness course with a Paddling Professional and Mobility Specialist.


If you struggle with consistency, mobility issues, pain issues, nutritional deficiencies, or just need someone to keep you accountable...

Andrew from ReWild Mobility is here to help in any way you need!

His online exercise programs are designed to decrease pain suffered from previous injuries, increase your overall performance, and have you feeling the best you can in the present!

A little info on Andrew:

He is a former competitive athlete and veteran of the British Armed Forces. In 2009, he suffered a traumatic brain injury from a nearby bomb blast. Due to his injuries he had to learn how to move and train properly again. Through this difficult transition, Andrew learned the skills and patience required to help others achieve their fitness and overall wellness goals.

His brand-new water series course is, "designed to help you become a fitter, stronger and more efficient stand up paddler: no matter what your starting point is. This is your opportunity to get bespoke fitness and mobility coaching from Andrew which will focus on your balance, stability and strength. Combined, mastery of these facets will allow you to unlock your true SUP potential."

And right now if you join Perfect Paddles as a member, you will receive a 25% discount on Andrew's Water Series Course as well as discounts on other great SUP activities, courses, and equipment from the best SUP businesses around the world!

Bonus: Scroll to the end of this weeks newsletter to watch and try an exercise video right from Andrew's course!


Besides the reasons listed above, an additional and very important reason to get into great shape is to be better prepared on the water for drastic changes in conditions that may occur...

 La Niña

Lately you may have been hearing about La Niña in the news.

This climate phenomena has a global impact and can bring some extreme weather patterns to certain parts of the world.

And can directly effect our paddling season.

To quell any fears and to deeply understand what La Niña is and how it can effect your time on the water...

The team at Perfect Paddles did a little investigating (it can pay off being a bit of a weather/climate nerd sometimes!)

And what we found was most interesting.

If you want to know what La Niña is, why it's important to understand the effects on your hometown and abroad...

And what you should look for while paddling, surfing, or even kayaking...

Then check out, "La Niña and How it Can Effect Your Paddle Boarding."

This deep dive on the subject will leave you with a good understanding of what you should expect in February and for the rest of the year.

(The image below might be a clue).

Ultimately now is the best time to get into the best shape of your life...

So that we may be able to:

  • Battle the elements
  • Paddle efficiently (and safely) over long distances
  • And escape any drastic weather or climate changes that may occur over the next few months to years.

Because when you feel better...

You think better...

You act better...

And you live a better life overall.

If you have any questions or need any additional advice on what's the best way to get into great shape, drop us a message at anytime!

We're here to help everyone in any way we can.

Just remember to...

Stay stoked!

-The Perfect Paddles Team

P.S. Don't forget - check out a portion of Andrew's training below! After you give it a try, become a member at Perfect Paddles and receive a voucher you can use to save 25% on the 12-week one-on-one course!


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