Hot or Cold- What’s January paddling like in your neighborhood?

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Happy New Year Paddlers!
In your area, is it hot or cold outside?
No matter where you live seasonal changes may happen gradually while weather conditions can change in an instant.
Whether you're in Northern or Southern Hemispheres you'll have different challenges to overcome and opportunities to enjoy so you can make the most out of our sport no matter what season you're in.
For those in the Northern Hemisphere...
It's cold outside.
And that means one of two things:
  1. You're an aspiring diehard paddler and want tips on how to dress appropriately for winter paddling.
  2. You're a warm weather person and want to plan an escape from the cold.
Either way...
Perfect Paddles is the best place to grab advice whether you're braving the elements in your hometown or daydreaming about your next destination SUP retreat.
If you're a diehard or a daydreamer...
Did you know you can search, find, and connect with paddling professionals near your location?
Tap into the community for local guidance on weather conditions and new gear. Find a new SUP fitness class, wildlife paddle, or meet paddlers like you at SUP social or club paddle. You can search by location, keyword, or use our filter categories to find operators by month, gear type, or activity.
Click on a paddle pro's business profile for more details and contact info.
There's a lot of great SUP specific info and it's super simple!
Meet the professionals who are heavily involved in growing the SUP community and are actively paddling in their areas and have intimate knowledge on when, where to paddle, what to expect, and even take you out personally...
Making sure you are safe for the duration of your time on the water.
You can search for them on our extensive database HERE and contact them directly.
Or if you prefer a solo voyage...
We have a large library of articles, location guides, and even tips on paddling in cold water you should check out before you head out!
One such article entitled, "How to Stay Safe in Cold Water Paddling," is a great place to start.
It also includes a list of the proper gear to keep you safe in cold water such as:
Bonus: check out this short video for some great tips on winter paddling!
TIPS for Winter Paddle Boarding
If the sound of cold temperatures and frigid water isn't exactly calling to you or where you live is at the height of Summer...
Be sure to check out our Location/Activities page where you can search for contacts across the globe, or even in your own backyard, to get you smiling on a SUP under the sun.
Areas of interest include:
And more!
Let us help you take the necessary steps to circumvent the obstacles standing in your way...
And get you back on the water! No matter the season.
Stay Stoked--
The "It's Always Paddling Season" Perfect Paddles Team
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Bonus! Check out this SUP video in Bora Bora for a touch of inspiration to get you going today!
BORA BORA: Luxurious Overwater Bungalows & SUP
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