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10% of your membership goes to fight for clean water

We fight for Clean Water

All Water leads to the Ocean and it's our duty to protect it. Everyone who enjoys the use of the waterways of the world to work, play, enjoy can do their part to care for it. As paddlers we are deeply connected to the water we paddle in. Getting some "watertime", "getting our feet wet" or heading out for some "paddle time" our words we have all said and is what day dream about between sessions. We do it  because we love it and  because we are drawn to it on a primal level.

The Perfect Paddles mission is to support and highlight the collective knowledge of the international SUP professional instructors coaches and guides of the world so paddlers everywhere can paddle safely and see the world from a SUP point of view.

The Waterkeeper alliance is the largest and fastest growing global non profit fighting for clean water. With 300 plus chapters around the world fighting for clean water the Water keeper alliance works to recruit, train, organize, and advocate as one global movement.

Supporting the Waterkeeper Alliance is truly a Perfect fit and we're proud to donate 10% of our memberships and club shirt proceeds to them.

For more information please find a chapter near you or donate directly at