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Meet Adam Uribe of Spirit SUP in Encinitas, California.

Hi Adam, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Grew up passionate about my love and respect for the water, specifically the Ocean since a child. I've surfed all my life pretty much and started SUP in 2008 with the spirit sup crew. Our Focus is to connect with the spirit of the water and all the life we share this precious Element with. We have a saying we live by Water Is Life!!! We invite people to paddle Mother Nature's water ways with us respectfully to all the life and safely with total joy. John Afshari is a local legend who works with special needs and adaptive surfers local and national.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with paddleboarding
Started SUP 2008. Have extensive knowledge of Southern California and Baja Mexico surfing and sup spots. Yearly surf trips to Maui or Kauai to surf. Traveled through out Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and more stand up paddling flat water.

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Location Overview - Tell us about your water environment
We have many paddle spots depending on the paddlers ... Flat water, we have Oceanside Harbor, Carlsbad Lagoon or Mission Bay. For surf spots we have many to choose from; reef breaks seasides, sunset cliffs, tabletops. Beach breaks Oceanside, D street.

What services do you offer?
We offer Lessons, Excursions, Flat Water, Paddle Fishing, Race Training, Rentals, Sunrise Paddle, Sunset Paddle, Full Moon Paddle, SUP Yoga, Tours, Workouts.

Are there any other local attractions others may be interested in?
Whales migrate south starting in January, we have lots of dolphins, pelicans, king fishers, kelp beds and great fishing. The natural environment is always changing daily, monthly and seasonal so depending on time of paddle.

Do you have a season or do you operate year round?
We paddle all year long, it's great!

Tell us about your favorite local food and why you love it
Swamis cafe or Honey's Bistro, also Eve Cafe is good for the vegan and GoodOnYa cafe

Where would you recommend travelers stay nearby?
Econo lodge in Encinitas

Are there any additional activities nearby that you recommend?
Swamis meditation gardens, Balboa Park, Scripps Aquarium

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