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Meet Erin O'Malley of Sunset Stand Up Paddle in Laguna Beach, California

Hi Erin, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Erin O'Malley, the owner, was born and raised in the Eastern Sierras and was on the US Snowboard Team through her late teens and early 20's. Her focus and passion has now turned to paddle boarding. Sunset Stand Up Paddle is based in sunny, Laguna Beach CA. Sunset is one of the premier SUP outfitters within the Southern California area. They specialize in open ocean lesson and tours as well as West Coast destination excursions.
Tell us a little more about your experience with paddleboarding
The majority of paddle experience has been in open ocean paddling and SUP surfing. Other highlights of experience are racing, river paddling and endurance/distance paddling.
Location Overview - Tell us about your water environment
Laguna Beach is one of the most pristine and picturesque areas of the Southern California coast. Laguna is a designated Marine Protected area where whale, dolphins, sea lions and more are common to see during a paddle along the stunning coves and cliffs.
Do you have any signature services or paddle activities?
Our Paddles and Pints with Docent Brewing is not to be missed. Also, our coastline tour which combines a 101 of ocean paddling and a cruise along our coves is one of our most popular offerings.

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What is your season?
We are a four season paddle company!
Are there any local attractions paddlers may also be interested in?
The ecosystem of Laguna is unique because there is no collection of marine life within the city beach/ocean limits. Therefor, our coves and reefs are full of pacific fish and marine life. We have two seasons of whale migration and during that time it is common to see humpback and great whales.
Are there any other cool or interesting activities in the area?
Hiking along the El Morro and Crystal Cove wilderness area and surfing one of the many iconic breaks within Orange County.
Do you have any recommendations for local food and drinks?
The Deck, Carmelita's, La Sirena Grill, Docent Brewery
Local places to stay?
Riviera Hotel, Newport Coast Villas, Inn at Laguna, Laguna Cliffs Marriott, Renaissance Clubsport

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