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Meet Scotty & Jo of SUP Bro Tours in Tutukaka, New Zealand.

Hi guys, could you tell us a little bit about yourselves?
Scotty and Jo are a dynamic duo that share a love for many things including a passion to provide a fun, accessible and sustainable Paddle Boarding for everyone!

With SUP BRO as a medium to connect to others, Scotty and Jo are able to foster enthusiasm in others about the ocean and environment around us. New Zealand has a rich cultural and geographical history with many spots that are well of the beaten track. A trip by paddle board is one of the best ways to find these spots, and with this relaxed, slower form of travel there is plenty of time to learn about the secrets of Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Both Scotty and Jo have a watery background and became dive instructors in their earlier years. Scotty went on to work as a Level 3 ADAS offshore construction diver, Dive medic and advanced Rigger around the South Pacific, while Jo went to University to Study Sport and Recreation; outdoor education and conservation. As a team Scotty and Jo teach hundreds of kids how to paddle every year, challenge each other to fulfill their adrenaline addictions and actively involve themselves in environmental conservation.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with paddleboarding
We have both been splashing around in the water for as long as we can remember! Now certified with ISA and registered with Surfing New Zealand, we are paddling almost every day. If we are not with a bunch of kids doing outdoor ed. days, we might be taking flat water paddlers for their first wave ride on our gentle Matapouri Break, or seeking out something a little bigger to slide down. Both avid SUP surfers and long distance open ocean paddlers, our hair is always salty and we are always out to find the next mission. Did we hear someone say whitewater SUPing.....

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Location Overview - Tell us about your water environment
New Zealand has thousands of islands, just off the coast of the mainland. In Northland we are lucky to have access to many of these islands including the world famous Poor Knights Islands. As well as being spectacular natural features, these islands are nature reserves that protect hundreds of our endangered plant and animal species. The surrounding waters, that we explore, also play a vital role in the protection of these island habitats. To find out why, come on one of our tours!

What services do you offer?
We offer Lessons, Excursions, Flat Water, downwinders,  Rentals, Sunrise Paddle, Sunset Paddle, Full Moon Paddle, SUP Yoga, Tours, Workouts.

Are there any other local attractions others may be interested in?
There is barely an off season on the Tutukaka Coast. The 'peak season' begins around October when the days become longer and tropical clear waters from the north head down the East Australian Current and hit our off shore islands. With the waters come mola mola, manta rays, eagle rays, sting rays, orca, dolphins and more! Around this time we also get to see our iconic Pohutukawa trees blossom in red along the coastlines and mountain tops, they stay in bloom only for 2 weeks or so over Christmas. However, this time of year also brings a stampede of tourists to our little town, making accommodation difficult to find and pricey.

As we get into the later summer months of March and April the crowds dissipate, the kids go back to school and the water is still warm enough to get away without a wettie. Everyone is relaxed and the cyclone season is nearing an end which means there is still an awesome swell around!

June comes around and although the days are shorter and we need a little more thermal protection, we really begin to see the beauty of our subtropical climate. The skies ignite with stunning sunrises and sunsets each day, the air is crisp and the water is flat. When it rain the rivers flow more powerfully than ever and the water is cold enough that we get some South Island visitors - Seals!

The winter passes quickly in the North and by August we begin to see the migrational sea birds, the Buller Shearwater, come back. The waters are still cool enough to spot our fury friends and keep the crowds away!

Do you have a season or do you operate year round?
We usually operate all year round, however this year (2018) we will be closing from June-September for some international reconnaissance. We'll have a few tours in the window however.

Tell us about your favorite local food and why you love it
For a quick bite you can grab a pizza from the marina or for something a little more fancy head to Wahi or Schnappa rock for some beautiful locally inspired food. Feel like an adventure? Head up to the gallery and cafe on Helena Bay hill. They do amazing food and have a stellar view!

Where would you recommend travelers stay nearby?
There are a bunch of lovely Air B&B's here, but you got to get in quick! Cheep and easy is the holiday park, one block from town or Oceans Resort which overlooks the Marina

Are there any additional activities nearby that you recommend?
There is so much to do here! Countless walks that give you views of the ocean and hills, and others that take you deep into our sup-tropical rain forests. Head out for a some Scuba time with Yukon Dive or simply grab some fish 'n' chips and head down to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If the weather is not looking hot there are not too many indoor activities available here, but hey, we still love walking in the rain.

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