Top SUP Accessories to Increase Your Fun!

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We all know it...

The one basic rule of SUP- whoever is having the most fun on the water wins!

Like this guy:

But sometimes, it can be forgotten when we spend time training hard for races, try to pump up our stroke rate, or count calories to lose weight.

But what if you wanted to revisit that one basic rule of SUP and increase your level of fun once again?


With a couple of interesting SUP accessories, you're able to do just that!

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Back to those SUP accessories-

Quick note: Unless otherwise stated, we have no connection and are not resellers for the products listed in this article. The links included are affiliate links that help us to keep the lights on!

A downwind sail is the perfect piece of equipment to keep with you on a windy day if you feel the need for speed! Just quickly attach it to your board and let the power of the wind propel you down the bay or ocean. It's a blast!

  • Doube Blade Paddles

Double your paddling power with double the blade SUP accesory! With an additional blade instead of a handle, take to the seas with a unique paddle that will have you working both sides of your body.

Check out how it's done with the video!

This SUP accessory is a goofy one!

Besides your usual pool floats, there are fun attachments you can put on your board to make your SUP take on the shape of a shark or unicorn. The perfect addition if you have young kids! Even comes with a seat!


Did you know inflatables come in all shapes and sizes?

We're not just talking about your usual 11' or 11'6'' boards. We're talking about BIG. Like...18' and can hold up to 6 people big! These are a ton of fun especially if you have a bunch of paddling friends in your life.

Want to see one in the surf? Check out the video!

Want to have the flexibility of owning both a SUP and a kayak? But maybe you don't want to spend the extra $$ on two expensive pieces of equipment. This is the perfect SUP accessory for you! Easily turn your SUP into a kayak with his adaptable seat! Just latch it onto the center of the board and combine it with the previously mentioned double-sided paddle and you're good to go! At a fraction of the cost. It's a win-win!


Just as there are endless places to explore on a SUP, there are also endless ways to utilize your board.

We hope these few accessories inspired you to continue expanding your idea of the sports and most importantly- keep having FUN!

-The Perfect Paddles Team

P.S. This is just a start of a series of emails detailing SUP gear and accessories to get you on the water having the best time possible! Stay tuned for more!

P.P.S. We know it's the winter in most places but that won't stop us from sharing some of the best places to paddle in the world with you! Keep an eye out for updates on some of these fantastic places as well as detailed descriptions of where you can paddle, whom you can paddle with, and what else there is to do in the area! Perfect Paddles is truly the largest database of SUP travel on the web, and we're glad you're here with us on the journey!

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