Top 6 Wildlife Tours in Boston (And the Surrounding Areas)

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Top 6 Wildlife Tours in the Boston Area

wildlife tours in Boston

Wondering where to experience wildlife tours in Boston? Check out this list of our favorite places in the area!

Boston is a city steeped in historical significance for the United States. Walking the streets is a constant reminder that the town is one of the earliest settlements in the United States.

Everywhere one looks, they will constantly see reminders in the cobblestone streets. The wonderful buildings. The plaques of important figures. And the looming government buildings which housed some of the most important historical figures of the colonies.

But what people may not see so readily is the natural wildlife still prevalent in its waters.

People have relied heavily on the natural production of these waters. As well as the surrounding land to thrive in this coastal area.

Most people flock to the historical city streets to relive important pieces of history. However, those willing to look to the natural side of Boston will find a rich population of wildlife.

Well then, what is the best way to immerse oneself in this abundant wildlife?

Of course, the answer is simple. We will always suggest getting yourself on a SUP. And for good reason!

Wildlife Tours are the most satisfying and fun ways to explore any area. This is no different when setting your adventuring sights on the wonderful town of Boston and the surrounding area. So, in case you were still wondering, these are the Top 6 Wildlife Tours in this scenic coastal town.

Paddle Nantucket (Nantucket)

Our first outfitter for wildlife tours in Boston is Paddle Nantucket.

This outfitter is best known for their signature Harbor Tour. They guide paddlers through a 3-mile circuit from the public way at Washington St. extension towards the town of Nantucket. It includes a brief stop-over for photos at the Brant Point Lighthouse. Followed by a cut across the channel to First Point. And a loop back via Monomoy beach and the surrounding creeks (

Paddle Nantucket will also provide a beginner lesson for those new to the sport.

Groups will get to experience first-hand the magnificence of Nantucket. But what they may also experience is the splendid biodiversity founds along the creeks and beaches when paddling.

These species may include but is not limited to, gray seals, sandpiper birds, egrets, willets, and other birds’ species.

The abundant wildlife combined with the immense city views from the water are fantastic!

wildlife tours in Boston

Peace Love SUP (Mashpee)

The reason why Peace Love SUP lands on our list for wildlife tours in Boston is due the variety they offer.

Their basic SUP tour is great to explore the Mashpee area.

In addition, they offer salt-water and fresh-water locations.

Their tours last two hours, allowing younger paddlers time to enjoy life for an extended period of time.

Both of these options will provide paddlers with a chance to see the abundant wildlife founds on the shores of Mashpee. These include osprey nests settled high in the trees. Rays if the water is clear enough. As well as striped bass, tautog, mackerel and other fish species.

Peace Love SUP is a great outfitter for families to contact is you are looking for a fun and interesting way to spend an afternoon on the water! And be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here to receive additional savings through our Member Deals!

wildlife tours in Boston

Portsmouth Paddle Company (Portsmouth, NH)

Our next stop takes us to the neighboring state of New Hampshire. Portsmouth Paddle company is a great spot for a wildlife tour in Boston and the surrounding areas.

This company takes groups through the beautiful waterways located in New Castle, Portsmouth. As well as Rye. On the tour attendees will be able to spot their resident bald eagles, herons, and cormorants. As well as their local deer population grazing on the grass flats underneath a warm sun.

As a bonus, guides will happily take pictures of paddlers while on the water!

Along with a guided tour, guests will be given a basic beginner lesson aimed at safety on the water. This ensures paddlers of all sizes, shapes, ages, and skill level are welcome to participate paddling in their calm waters. With complete safety and confidence.

Be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for additional savings through our Member Deal!

wildlife tours in Boston

Provincetown Aqua Sports (Provincetown)

Provincetown Aqua Sports is next for wildlife tours in Boston. They provide many different options on tours. Their basic SUP tour is perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

After a quick beginner lesson, groups are helped onto their boards and into the bay. Once on the water paddlers are able to get familiar with understanding the paddle stroke. And getting comfortable with standing upright on the board while moving.

Once groups are comfortable, they will be taken on a tour of the Provincetown Harbor. The calm waters and anchored boats make for a surreal surrounding for paddlers. Especially before they make their way to the open bay.

On the open bay, groups can expect to see seals or maybe the splash of a pod of dolphins. And even the occasional whale surfacing with a huge splash,

This tour is a must-experience for those visiting these calm shores!

wildlife tours in Boston

Coast to Coast Paddle (Beverly)

Up next for wildlife tours in Boston is Coast to Coast Paddle.

One of their most exciting options is a tour called Misery Island Paddle Tour. Contrary to the name, this tour is a blast! And the island does not produce the feelings of misery- we promise!

Paddlers are expected to have a little experience, but if they do not, it is no worry! Beginner lessons will be administered before heading into the open waters.

Groups will make their way to Misery Island by way of launching on the West Beach in Beverly Farms, then paddle to the strait between Great Misery and Little Misery. After floating above the submerged remains of the wrecked steamers, The City of Rockland, group will then land on the island.

Time will then be spent exploring the island’s numerous trails on foot where groups will likely see various species of ocean-dwelling birds such as gulls, pelicans, and osprey as well as numerous fish species and of course interesting crustaceans to collect and take home with you!

And as an interesting side note, the island is home to abandoned homes and businesses which were left abandoned after a heavy brush fire. The island is now owned by private investors keeping it as a nature reserve!

And as an awesome bonus, Coast to Coast participates in our Buddy Deal program, so be sure to check out their page on our website here for additional discounts!

wildlife tours in Boston

Rideaway Adventures (Sandwich)

Coming in next for wildlife tours in Boston is a place called Rideaway Adventures in a town called Sandwich, Massachusetts.

The reason for their number one placement is due to their wonderful Walk on Water Nature Tour.

Through a two-hour paddling tour on the Popponesset River, paddlers will be able to not only get comfortable with the sport of the SUP, practicing their techniques and learning about improvements from their expert guides, but they will also get to experience the abundant wildlife found in the water and on the shores of the river.

The calm and serene coves and lazy river provides a mood of relaxation for the paddler while be able to spot fish underneath your feet and birds high up in the trees. Occasionally paddlers will also spot different species of deer and rabbits eating on the shores of this picturesque scene.

The ease in which paddlers will be able to make their way onto the river combined with the scenic views and relaxing atmosphere make this tour one that cannot me missed!


While Boston is visited heavily by tourists looking to understand the history of the United States, what most miss is the vast amount of wildlife to be seen and experienced while visiting its shores.

Which makes us caution to those vacationers flocking to the home of the Boston Tea Party, be sure you get outside of the city and get in touch with nature!

And of course, it is our belief the best way to do this is on a SUP.

Every one of these shops and outfitters provides adventurers with a perfect opportunity to get out of the crowded city streets and reconnect to the solemn quiet of the natural world and the calming bodies of water.

We hope this list not only provides ample information when deciding on your next SUP Tour but also enough reasons to set your sights outside and get on the water!

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