4 Fantastic Outfitters for SUP in Australia

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4 Fantastic Outfitters for SUP Surf Lessons in Australia

Australia is known for its many traits.

The beautiful landscapes, the clear waters, the wild outback, the giant spiders, the aggressive snakes, the kangaroos and koalas, and surfing. 

The fantastic beaches that line the coast of the continent have produced some of the biggest names in the sport.

This is because of their fantastic waves! And the easy access locals and travelers have to them. 

But maybe you want to take your new-found SUP skills and test them in the ocean. You are craving for a new challenge. Or, you are just curious about what it would feel like to catch a wave on one. 

With these four outfitters found in various spots within the country, you can’t go wrong. Their excellent instructors and world-class waves will put you in the correct spot to shoot down the line. 

And maybe, one day, you’ll look back at that lesson and reminisce fondly about how it turned you into the next surf legend. 

Cheyne Horan Stand Up Paddle Board Hire (Main Beach QLD)

First on our list for SUP in Australia is located in Queensland. It’s a place named after it’s famous surfing founder- Cheyne Horan. 

The one-piece of knowledge we can convey about Cheyne Horan’s businesses is that you will be receiving expert advice on how to SUP and surf! 

Cheyne is a local surfing legend, professional, and pioneer in the sport with a lifetime of experience to pass onto his classes as well as his hired instructors. 

He has branched out of just surf lessons and has started to implement SUP as a way to get more people on the water. 

To get the best instructions on how to do either, or both, head to his surf school and SUP hire shop. We will see you in the waves! 

Go Vertical Stand UP Paddle (Surfer’s Paradise GC)

At Go Vertical, they do SUP in Australia and surf a little differently. 

Or as they explain on their website, “Get Wet Surf School and Go Vertical SUP have teamed up to give this amazing offer on 2 of the best activities on the Gold Coast. Imagine starting your day with a relaxing SUP Tour from 9 am to 11 am, and then in the afternoon suiting up for the most amazing Surf lesson at 1 pm. How good is that!”

If you decide to head here, you won’t exactly be SUP surfing. Instead, you will be SUP’ing and surfing over the course of the day. 

Which is a great idea! And a fantastic way to enjoy both activities, especially if you are a beginner. You’ll receive excellent instruction on both until one day you can combine the activities and take your SUP out for a surf! 

SUP in Australia

WSUP (Victoria)

Our next shop is a Perfect Paddles mainstay for our lists for SUP in Australia - WSUP in Victoria. 

Why do they make it onto our lists so often? The answer is simple- they’re great! 

But if that isn’t enough to convince you, let us say, they excel in their ability to produce great paddlers and SUP surfers because of their timely, in-depth, and correct teaching methods. They take everything slowly until you are completely ready to charge a wave. 

Still not convinced? Okay, let’s hear it in their words, “With all action sports, it is important that you learn the correct technique from day one and Stand–Up Paddle Boarding is no different. Our instructors will have you paddling effectively in a short space of time, and ensure you leave us with adequate knowledge to paddle on your own. Our lessons are conducted in a safe and nurturing environment and in a format that all participants can enjoy. WSUP offers SUP Surf lessons at Barwon Heads River, RAFFS, and Ocean Grove main beach from October through to May.”

If you are looking for a slow approach to learning this difficult skill, head to WSUP!

SUP in Australia

Blue Lagoon SUP and Surf (Dodges Ferry TAS)

Like a few of our previous outfitters, Blue Lagoon for SUP in Australia also offers paddle boarding and surf in a separate package. 

Which is great! In a way. 

Because you can cultivate the unique skills each requires before combining the two. And with a solid background in paddling flatwater and conquering waves in a traditional prone position, when you do decide to grab your SUP and score some tasty waves, it will be much easier. 

And safer. 

Plus, with Blue Lagoon, you know you will be receiving the best education possible in the area as they have been doing it for years! 

With that kind of experience, they’ve pretty much seen any type of paddler, their baseline skills, and their struggles. That means, they know how to get you paddling into waves with success or standing on a SUP in the flatwater having fun. 

SUP in Australia


SUP and surfing may go together like peanut butter and jelly but the skills required for both are different. 

And while some outfitters plan to teach the combination of SUP and surf together, it doesn’t always work for every student. 

The team at Perfect Paddles recommends taking a SUP surf lesson in Australia if you have competency and experience on a SUP. If you don’t then we suggest starting with a surf lesson before taking your board into some waves. 

This way it will be safer for you, and your surrounding surfers in the water. 

Either way though, we can guarantee that you will be having fun in the ocean with a smile on your face. 

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