Welcome to the Perfect Paddles Community Group Page! 

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Please use the search tools below to find a group best suited to your preferences and request to join.  Whether you are looking for new friends to paddle with, plan a trip to paddle overseas, people to train with or a group to learn and grow your paddle skills with you'll find it here....locally and internationally.  If you don't see the group that best reflects your needs, request to create one and grow the community.

Just remember, the community will be as diverse and active as YOU make it!


Paddle Method Club Group Chat
  • Public Group
Health Care Professionals
  • Private Group
  • Paddle Group
  • paddle crew
  • This is a private group dedicated to Health Care Professionals to interact with their community.
Paddle Method So Cal Paddle Community
  • Public Group
  • Los Angeles County, Paddle Group, Paddle Pro, SoCal
  • Los Angeles, socal
  • This is Paddle Method's Group Chat. Post about a paddle you'd like to do, invite others and get it on the calendar!
Paddle Pro Group
  • Private Group
  • Paddle Pro
  • pro
  • This is a private group for paddle pros.  Discuss the state of the sport, the industry and paddling as a whole.
New Jersey Paddle Crew
  • Public Group
  • Paddle Group, Tri State
  • new jersey, tristate
  • From Ocean City Beach to Lake Hopatcong, this group is all about Paddling New Jersey.  Group meets, social paddles, surfing the Jersey Shore, let's get together and paddle.
Long Island Paddle Crew
  • Public Group
  • Paddle Group, Tri State
  • long island, tristate
  • All about Paddling Long Island.  Group meets, SUP Socials.....launch spots, let's get together.
Manhattan Paddle Crew
  • Public Group
  • Paddle Group, Tri State
  • manhattan, tristate
  • This group is for paddlers in Manhattan.  Discuss group paddles, SUP Socials, anything in and around the city.
SUP Fitness
  • Public Group
  • SUP Fitness
  • fitness
  • This Group is dedicated to SUP Fitness.  Share routines, dry land exercise, stats, anything that makes you healthy and keeps you on the water.
Orange County Paddle Crew
  • Public Group
  • Orange County, Paddle Group, SoCal
  • Orange County, socal
  • From San Clemente to Huntington Beach and everywhere in between, this group is for OC Paddlers of all kinds.  Everyone is welcome.
San Diego County Paddle Crew
  • Public Group
  • Paddle Group, San Diego County, SoCal
  • san diego, socal, sup
  • All about SUP in San Diego County, from the Border all the way to Oceanside.  Everyone is welcome.