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Check out these 5 activities you need to try on your SUP this summer! 

In this article we discuss five SUP activities you need to try this paddling season!


One of the best attributes of stand up paddle boarding is the ability to enjoy different types of activities on the water.

When most people get involved with SUP, the process is often similar. It starts first with a beginner lesson on flat water. During this time, most paddlers take special care of just standing upright. As they get comfortable, then they progress to the correct paddle stroke. Then finally, on paddling by themselves on calm flat water days. 

Over time, this activity, while still fun, can feel uninspired. And the possibilities of different activities begin to take shape. 

If you’re already on this familiar trajectory, then it might be time to expand your comfort zone to different activities this paddling season. 

However, if you’re not sure what to try next, then we have a few suggestions for you. Check out this quick list of five activities you need to try this paddling season! 

Starting with number one…

See the Sunrise or Sunset

Are you a morning person? If so, then a sunrise paddle might be the activity for you. There is no better way to start your day than by waking up early, getting to your local launch location, and watching the sun rise on the water. 

The peace you feel in the morning stillness as the light breaks the horizon is unmatched. This is especially the case if you happen to live on the East Coast. 

But, if you’re not an early riser, then a sunset is equally as fun to watch. As the summer day melts away, don’t put your SUP board in storage just yet! Instead, take it out 30 minutes before the sun sets and watch in complete peace as the day ends. This is truly one of the best ways to end any long summer day. 

And we can guarantee you’ll want to experience either a sunrise or a sunset on the water again and again, all summer long! 

Where to find a Sunrise or Sunset SUP Tour:

Head to our SUP Search tab, click on “sunrise” or “sunset” tour and choose the outfitter closest to you!

Try SUP Yoga

Yoga is a popular activity that has exploded over the last few years. It’s truly one of the few activities that meets the claim of being life-changing. Each pose is designed to stretch the stagnate parts of your body, revitalize your energy, and fill your soul with peace. 

But have you ever wondered what it would be like to practice outside, under the sun, and in the elements?

What about combining it with being on the water? If so, then you definitely need to give SUP yoga a try. 

The combination of being surrounded by nature as you glide through each pose will take your practice to a whole different, life-changing, level. 

If you’re still a beginner, it is always best to sign up for a SUP yoga class. But if you have spent an ample amount of time on your SUP and in the yoga studio, then a solo flow on the water might be a better, more prive, and peaceful option for you. 

Just remember to bring an anchor for your board so you don’t float away as you glide into each pose. 

SUP Yoga Equipment Essentials:

SUP Yoga Anchor (sandbag)

Sand bags are often a better option compared to anchors when it comes. toSUP yoga. They won't damage your board when it's time to pull it up, and they use weight instead of grappling to keep you stationary.

Bonus: This one doubles as a dry bag to take with you when you're not practicing SUP yoga!

SUP Yoga Board

Truth be told, any SUP board can work for yoga.

But there are models built specifically for the activity. What you need to look for is the shape (can it hold your weight and help you balance), thickness, and if the pad reaches farther up the board to support poses such as downward dog.

Throw a Couple of Lines Overboard

Another great way to enjoy time on your SUP is by combining it with fishing. Paddle boards are one of the best vessels to throw a couple lines overboard and fish in your local spot. 

The wide-open platform and the ability to stand or sit while you fish gives you more options over a kayak. And if you have a thick enough board, you can strap a cooler down and use it as a seat while still storing your favorite adult beverages. 

SUP fishing is especially great if you have a local spot you’ve been unable to fish because of the water depth. On a SUP, you can reach areas that are impossible to get by boat. This makes for an adventurous time trying to find a private fishing hole with no competition for miles around! 

If you’re into fishing and SUP, we recommend combining the two. 

SUP Fishing Equipment Essentials:

Hard cooler

Tackle bag

Paddle board seat

Paddle With Your Dog

Did you know one of the fastest-growing SUP activities happens to be paddling with your best furry friend?

It’s true! SUP with your pup has grown so much that outfitters are now offering classes on how to paddle with your dog. 

Why has it become so popular? The answer is simple…

It’s fun! And most dog’s, especially if they love the water, are just as excited to get on a SUP as you are. 

If you have a water dog, we recommend giving it a go! However, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you hit your local launch location. 

Essential Information and Equipment For SUP With Your Pup:

How to SUP with Your Pup: What You Need to Know to Get Started Today!

Go On An Adventure

The last thing we suggest you give a try this paddling season also happens to be the most exciting (in our opinion)...

Go on a SUP adventure! 

This can mean something as simple as trying out a new launch location near you. Or as grandiose as flying across the world to experience what it’s like to SUP in a foreign land. 

You can paddle with penguins in South Africa, go through mangrove forests in Tanzania, learn how to SUP surf in Panama, or go on a multi-day trip through beautiful Croatia. 

Don’t feel intimidated! The good news is, there are plenty of SUP outfitters around the world who offer guided tours with Paddling Professionals. And they’re ready to get you comfortable on the water and in the country of your choice. 

To see a full list of places you can paddle abroad, check out our Global Trips and Activities page.

Which One Will You Try?

As you can see, there are plenty of different SUP activities to enjoy time on the water. And the best part is, this is only a taste of a few! You can also try river SUP paddling, SUP surfing, even SUP camping if you feel so inclined. It’s seemingly endless. 

But of the five activities above, which one will you try? Whether you’re into SUP fishing, yoga, adventure, SUP with your pup, or a simple sunrise or sunset paddle, we have the connections to the right people to get you on the water. 

Simply head to our SUP Search tab on Perfect Paddles, type in the activity you want to try, and you’ll find a complete list of outfitters in your area ready to get you on the water! 

Let’s make this the best summer ever. And the best way to do that is to try something new on your SUP! 

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