5 Great Places to SUP on Australia’s West Coast

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Australia’s largest state is home to some of the best spots in the country to SUP on Australia's West Coast. 

The coastline is home to beautiful views, secluded caves, and bright Indian Ocean water. 

But maybe you are a bit intimidated to head out on your own. 

That’s perfectly natural.

Consider this list the point from which to start your search for some of the best outfitters located on the western coast of Australia.

With these local outfitters, their expert guides, and the fantastic trips they offer, you will not be led astray.

This is another Perfect Paddles list in which we cover 5 great places to SUP on Australia’s West Coast. 

Let’s dive in!

Meelup Beach Hire and SUP School (Dunsborough)

When you consider Meelup for SUP on Australia's West Coast, think of one word to fit the description: convenience. 

Their outfitter is located right on the beach where you, your friends, or your family, can pay for the rental, hop on the board, head into the warm water, and have the time of your life! 

And you can rent the boards with guides or without. So I guess we should use two words to describe Meelup: convenience and customization. 

Pretty cool. But that’s not the best part. 

Their location is. 

With a spot right on the beach in Dunsborough, paddlers are treated to wonderful, rocky views and bright blue water.

For convenient and customizable time on the water, head to Meelup Beach Hire and SUP School.

Standup Surfing (Margaret River)

Don’t be fooled by the name of our next stop. Standup Surfing located in Margaret River for SUP on Australia's West Coast is not just about catching some tasty waves.

For those who wish to experience SUP in a flatwater setting, they also offer trips and excursions along the coast.

And that is great news because what they have to offer is some of the best in the area! 

Groups will meet on Gnarabup Beach where their instructors will proceed to go over a quick beginner lesson if you are new.

After the lesson, prepare to head into the ocean to view the rocky cliffs from a safe distance, feel the warm sun on your skin, and share plenty of smiles with you and your friends. 

Oh! And for something a little bit different, check out their Paddle with Breakfast tour that includes exactly what it sounds like. A sweet combination of a healthy, tasty breakfast and a fun time on the water! 

SUP on Australia's West Coast

Exmouth Surf Centre (Exmouth)

If you are a waterman or woman trying to find a spot to SUP on Australia's West Coast that encompasses the entirety of your passions under one roof, then Exmouth Surf Centre is the place to go. 

If you love to kitesurf, surf, or SUP, they have you covered. 

With excellent instructors and a wonderful launch point in Exmouth, newcomers and seasoned veterans alike will have the time of their lives hopping on some boards and getting salty. 

Of course, if you are new to the world of watersports, we recommend a beginner lesson. But the options don’t stop there.

They offer three choices: a SUP discovery lesson, private lessons, and a SUP surfing lesson for those wanting to take your passion into the waves!

And since you are in Australia, we are going to have to push you towards getting into a few blue waves.

Even if you don’t catch a wave right away, it will be worth it. And it is always fun. With their expert instructors, we guarantee you’ll pick it up much quicker anyway. 

SUP on Australia's West Coast

Stand Up Paddle Perth (Perth)

Can you guess where this outfitter is located?

If you guessed Australia…

Then yeah, of course. 

If you guessed Perth…

Then yeah, duh. 

Located in one of Australia’s most favored Western cities has helped Stand Up Perth bloom into a popular destination spot for SUP on Australia's West Coast. 

But what keeps them coming back for more is owner and operator, Christina Chessa. And what is it about Christina that makes her outfitter special? Her passion for the sport. 

Or as she writes on her company’s Facebook page, “Cristiana has always been interested in water sports. She started sailing and windsurfing at an early age and competed at international level regattas with Hobie Cat 16 until she left Italy to move to Australia in 2000. Cristiana started kitesurfing in 2006 and soon became an instructor to inspire other women to get into this extreme sport. During one kitesurfing road trip to the Ningaloo Reef region, Cristiana was introduced by a good friend to stand up paddling. She enjoyed the workout and soon started more serious training to enter various types of SUP events from sprints to marathons, flat water to ocean racing, and qualified to represent WA at the National Titles in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Cristiana started the SUP school to fulfill her desire to share her passion for the ocean and the outdoors.”

Ready to share her passion with newcomers and reignite the passion of veterans, participants (that means you) keep coming back to the bright shores of Perth to experience life on the water. 

SUP on Australia's West Coast

SUP Tonic Australia (Perth)

The final stop on our list for SUP on Australia's West Coast happens to be at SUP Tonic Australia, also located in the bustling city of Perth. 

What SUP Tonic specializes in is simple: teaching people how to SUP. 

They run an accredited SUP school that will teach you the fundamentals of paddling in a beautiful setting on the beach. 

What more could you ask for?

How about…

They won’t let you leave the beach until you feel confident on the board. As well as when paddling. And having a fantastic time under the sun. 

That sounds pretty good to us. 

So, if you are looking for a great place to learn how to paddle, we can’t recommend SUP Tonic enough. Go on then…

Get out there!

SUP on Australia's West Coast


Australia is known for its wonderful waterbased settings and fantastic vacation spots for extended trips in the land down under.

If you are in the middle of planning a trip to their shores, then we highly suggest taking advantage of the landscape and getting into the water.

On a SUP, of course. 

And these five outfitters for SUP on Australia's West Coast are a great place to start your search for SUP while there. Once you’re there, just promise us you’ll share some pics with the team at Perfect Paddles. 

We will happily share your adventures with the rest of the paddling community! And hopefully, inspire others to start living the life of their dreams as well. 

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