5 Outfitters in the Miami Area for Fun Social Paddles

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5 Outfitters in the Miami Area for Fun SUP Social Paddles

Wondering where to participate in a SUP social paddle in Miami?

The beautiful beaches of Miami and the surrounding Florida area offers visitors a taste of the Caribbean life without having to leave the United States.

Because of this, visitors flock to the shores to enjoy the ocean, sun, and laid-back scene of beach living.

Often, people travel with groups of friends and families to enjoy time together while on vacation.

And this is where spending time on a SUP outdoors comes into play.

By trying something new together, friends and families are often brought closer together by undertaking the task of learning how to stand on a board, paddle, and explore the coastline.

What better way to dive into undertaking this skill than on a laid-back Social Paddle?

These events are tailored towards groups wanting to spend their vacations outside. And away from the bar and strip-malls. It's a place where they can get in touch with nature. And maybe make a new friend or two along the way.

And of course, with its diverse wildlife, beautiful beaches, and welcoming shores, Miami and the rest of Florida is perfect to reach out to an outfitter and sign up.

With these six outfitters recommended by the team at Perfect Paddles, your trip is guaranteed to be a hit. So, let’s get going!

Miami Beach Paddleboard (Miami)

First up is an outfitter called Miami Beach Paddleboard. They have the most obvious name in the game- both in location and what they do. I guess then, we can skip the explanation part.

Besides being a complete outfitter with offerings in beginner lessons and rentals MBP also has two social offerings.

One being what they call a Paddleboard Sunset Glow Tour and a Full Moon Glow Tour.

Both of these tours include short land lessons to get everyone on the same page. Followed by a paddle to watch the sunset. And in the case of the full moon tour, a chance to paddle at night underneath a clear sky and brightly shining moon.

Afterwards, participants can hang around. Meet the rest of the group. And make new friends which can carry off the water and into daily life.

These are a great way to expand your social network. And learn a new skill at the same time! Perfect Paddles highly recommends giving MBP a shout next time you find your lucky self-lining the pristine beaches in Miami.

iPaddle Miami (Miami)

Next up is a shop called iPaddle in Miami.

iPaddle is similar to our previous shop in that they offer all types of classes and rentals. So if you feel like you need a complete instruction on how to paddle a board, be sure to first check out their beginner classes!

But for those who want a more social atmosphere when they meet at the beach, look no further than their Night Tour.

This two-hour, guided tour is great for bigger groups. The tour entails a calm, relaxing paddle-by-moonlight in Biscayne Bay.

Upon reaching one of the nearby islands, groups are instructed to stop, take a break,  and meet the fellow paddlers. As well as enjoy the glow of Downtown Miami as it shimmers at night.

This is a great way to start your night off right in Miami, before heading to the tremendous clubs and spicy restaurants lining the shore.

Sunrise Paddleboards (Fort Lauderdale)

Sunrise Paddleboards in Fort Lauderdale has become somewhat of a staple on our Perfect Paddles list.

Offering some of the best and most unique tours of a company in the area, Sunrise will guide students to new and interesting locations all under supervision of some of the best instructors located on the East Coast.

But the tour we are interested in for this particular list is what they call their Wine Down Wednesday Tour.

As you may have already guessed, it includes wine.

But also a relaxing, two-hour paddle through the beautiful tributaries of Fort Lauderdale where you will most likely see plenty of wildlife, fellow water-lovers, and beautiful coastlines.

Sunrise provides paddlers with the food and wine at the end of the evening, and the perfect opportunity to meet new people and enjoy time close to the water.

This offering from Sunrise, along with their other unique tours, make it a Perfect Paddles must-do in the Fort Lauderdale area!

Paddling Paradise (Palm Bay)

Our next stop is an outfitter located in Palm Bay called Paddling Paradise.

Paddling Paradise offers plenty of options for vacationers looking to take their adventures onto the water.

The list includes, eco tours, private lessons, sup yoga, birthday party celebrations, group team building, sunrise paddles, and the unique paint and paddle parties.

Most of these can be considered a social paddle but the two we want to focus on are their sunrise paddles.

Sunrise paddles are of course for the early riser. But if that is you, then you will love it! Paddlers meet before the sun is awake, get on the water, paddle their way onto the water and watch the sun rise from the serene setting on their boards.

After the paddling is over and everyone is safely back on the shore, groups are encouraged to interact with each other, meet new people, and hopefully plan another trip on the water soon!

These paddles are excellent ways to start the day and set your vacation off on the right foot.

Lake Life Paddle (Orlando)

Last stop for SUP social paddles in Miami everyone! And taking this spot is an outfitter called Lake Life Paddle located a little farther north in Orlando.

In case you weren’t of the early morning type needed for our last outfitter, Lake Life Orlando offers a Paddle and Brunch event which is a great compromise for the person not willing to wake up before the crack of dawn to get onto the water.

During this event, paddlers will receive a complete lesson or just a refresher depending on your skill level, administered by a highly qualified instructor.

Once on the water, groups will follow the instructor to several fantastic waterfront restaurants where they will dock the boards and pop in for some brunch and fun conversation.

This is a great tour for family members or solo travelers alike. Spending the mid-morning on the water and enjoying some tasty snacks will set up the rest of your day, and vacation, perfectly.

Bonus! Check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for information about discounts through our Buddy Deal.


Miami has a ton to offer.

The night life, the vibrant beaches, the wonderful food and bars, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Life on the water is calmer, more relaxed, and fun.

Which is why we highly recommend signing up for a fun Social Paddle the next time you are in the Miami area.

Spend time outside, meet new people, and you will have memories outside of the hectic nightlife and never-ending bars, that you can actually remember!

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