Top 5 Weather Apps You Should Use for the Summer SUP Season

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The Weather Apps For SUP

When participating in any outdoor activity, knowing the conditions is of great importance.

This can include the weather, the wind, the tides, and if any of these can change during the day.

Luckily for us...

We live in a time when we can track the conditions to the minute from the palm of our hands.

But with so many choices out there, it can be difficult to know which app to use.

Today we have a list of five that you should consider downloading for your summer paddling adventures...

So that you can know what the conditions will be...

Before you go!

*As always keep reading to the end for this week's SUP-inspired workout dealing with your core!*

Starting with number five...

5. NOAA Weather Radar App

The most basic of the weather apps on our list, the NOAA has real-time satellite images and can save your locations for future use. Use this app if you want basic information on the weather - fast.

weather apps for sup

4. Windy App from Windy Weather

This app is popular with pilots and storm chasers because of its ability to track wind, rain, temperatures, and humidity. For these reasons alone - it should be popular with the average SUP enthusiast as well!

Added bonus: The app utilizes webcams so you can zoom in on your exact location and see the conditions without ever leaving your house!

weather apps for sup

3. Weather Radar App

The Weather Radar App is a live radar weather station right in your palm. With real-time information based on your GPS location, you can find out the forecast or see any storm that might be forming on the horizon.

2. Wind Alert

Let's face it - the one weather condition that will ruin any paddling excursion is the wind. For this reason alone, we highly recommend downloading the Wind Alert app from Weather Flow Inc. This app has the most accurate wind readings as it pulls in data from 50,000 wind stations from around the globe. Know the wind speed and direction before you head onto the water to make your paddle more enjoyable.

weather apps for sup

1. River App by Florian Bessiere

This last app is appropriate only for the river paddlers out there. But we wanted to include it because of its wealth of information and fast-tracking capabilities on river conditions. Rivers can be treacherous to paddle on so knowing as much as you can about a particular river before heading onto the water is paramount.

The app itself gives up-to-date information on water levels and river conditions on more than 20,000 sites in North America and Europe. In addition, it sends automatic notifications on changes in river levels. A must-have for any river paddler!

Which one of our weather apps for SUP do you plan to download? Let us know! We'd love to hear your feedback.

Now - let's get to that workout!

This is a core and shoulders/arms workout designed to strengthen the muscle groups responsible for your paddle stroke.

The best thing to do with this video is to follow along with it. Each exercise is demonstrated and timed for you.

If you want to modify or make it more difficult, we have the exercises written out for you below.

SUP Workout

Paddle Board (SUP) Race Training - Core Training w/ Jake Clement
Each exercise is done for thirty seconds in duration.

Beginner: 1x through
Intermediate: 2x through
SUP Living Legend: 3x through

1. Plank
2. Plank Suicides
3. Pushups
4. Right Side Plank Hold
5. Hip Raises Right Side
6. Plank Hold
7. Left Side Plank Hold
8. Left Side Hip Raises
9. Plank to Power Squat
10. Plank Hold
11. Plank Walks Side to Side
12. Right Side Plank Hold
13. Left Side Plank Hold
14. Plank Knee to Elbow
15. Pushups
16. Plank Hold
17. Plank Walks Ups on Hands w/Shoulder Pushups
18. Plank Hold
19. Supermans to Finish

This week's workout is a burner! If you need to take a break - do so. And of course, hydrate!!

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