Best Places for SUP Rentals in Los Angeles

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Best Places for SUP Rentals in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a great place for SUP rentals in Los Angeles, check out this list of our top five favorite places to go!

The bright city of Los Angeles offers visitors plenty of options when it comes to attractions.

From the lights of the big city, to the allure of Hollywood, the beautiful beaches and everything in between, there is a reason why LA is one of the most visited cities in the United States.

The beaches on the west coast are some of the finest stretches of coastline found anywhere in the world.

And they provide the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to get on a SUP and in the water.

Shops are eager to help first-timers and experienced paddlers alike. This can be to rent a board. Show them the sights. And get them paddling.

In this list, we will offer readers some of the best shops in the LA area to do it. This is a Perfect Paddles list of 5 Great Places to Rent a SUP in the Los Angeles area. Let’s begin!

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Paddle Method (Marina Del Rey)

Our first stop for SUP rentals in Los Angeles is an outfitter located in Marina Del Rey called Paddle Method.

Paddle Method is an outfitter where you are guaranteed to get the very best of any activity you want to try on a SUP. This includes tours, trips, surfing, lessons, and rentals.

Rentals begin at $35 dollars to 2 hours mid-week and $25 for the first hour and $15 for the second hour during weekends.

Plus, they have a list of options for customers to rent inflatable boards as well. You can check out that here if you’re interested.

That’s pretty cool!

Show up to their location in Marina Del Rey and you will be treated to a bustling area full of impressive-looking boats. As well as the loud honks of sea lions laying in the sun on the nearby rocks.

It is truly an experience you will not forget.

Perfect Paddles highly recommends checking out Paddle Method for everything SUP in the Los Angeles area. And be sure to check out their page here for information about discounts through our Member Deal!

Exclusive Offer: Grab 10% off your Paddle Method rental, lesson, or tour with code PERFECTPADDLE10 at checkout at!

Sea Lion Tour:

This is the place to start and is our most popular SUP Tour for beginners – a lesson and tour combined – includes a Level 1 Paddle Method lesson from a certified paddle Pro so that paddlers of all abilities can enjoy the always entertaining scenic Sea Lion colonies and migrating sea birds with confidence. Great for small groups: families, friends, and corporate team building events!

Sunset Tours:

Spectacular sunsets like you’ve never seen them before! Unwind, and enjoy a night on the water with your friends, a significant other or meet someone new! Cruise under the setting sun and then under the stars and experience the water from a whole new perspective!

Malibu Coast Tour:

This is what stand up paddle boarding is all about! You’ve taken your beginner SUP lessons in a marina, put in some hours on a sunset cruise or Paddle Method POWER PADDLE and now you are ready to get out on the ocean or bay and into some waves and see the world from a SUP point of view. You have earned it! This is what it’s all about and why we live to SUP.

Poseidon Paddle and Surf (Santa Monica)

Next up for SUP rentals in Los Angeles is an outfitter called Poseidon Paddle and Surf.

Santa Monica is one of the most popular places to visit on the California coast. And for good reason.

The famous pier stands alone as one of the big landmarks on the coast. It is also one of the most-filmed locations in Los Angeles. And has been a feature in countless movies, music videos, commercials and TV shows.

So, if you’re ever in Santa Monica, be sure to check it out!

But also, be sure to pop into Poseidon Paddle and Surf. There you will find deals on SUP rentals to get your body moving on the water.

Poseidon’s rentals feature an epoxy SUP board but partnered with a carbon fiber paddle making your paddling light weight and smooth.

Prices start at $50 for a half day or 4 hours and $80 for a full day or 24 hours. Not bad!

And you’ll get to see the famous pier from the water. An opportunity that should not be passed up!

Kayaks on the Water/Stand Up Rentals (Long Beach)

Our next shop for SUP rentals in Los Angeles is a place called Kayaks on the Water. Or on their sister site, Stand Up Rentals in Long Beach, California.

This outfitter has been a feature on a few of our articles. Namely for their supreme dolphin tour. It is on this tour they guarantee paddlers will not only see wild dolphins but paddle with them as well.

But in case you are the adventurer type and want to head into the great unknown of the ocean on your own, rentals start at $25 per hour, but that includes an instruction (if needed) or $16 her hour is your are a speed pass member, and $10 per hour if you can catch the Early Bird Special.

Early risers rejoice! Your propensity to annoy everyone with your constant energy in the morning can finally be put to good use. Instead of trying to wake everyone up when you do, get on the water and save some money!

Perfect Paddles highly recommends this outfitter for a great afternoon on the water.

SUP with Wade (Los Angeles)

Onto our next outfitter! And for this one we land on SUP with Wade, paddling out of San Pedro, Los Angeles.

Anyone who is staying downtown, in the heart of the city, should check out SUP with Wade.

He offers world-class knowledge on paddling, and paddle surfing, as he is a big wave surfer himself! Competing in competitions around the globe.

Rentals start at $20 per board for the first hour, and $10 per board for each additional hour.

And given their proximity to the city, SUP with Wade has become one of the most popular spots to SUP in the city.

For expert knowledge, not just on SUP, but on surfing those big waves, give Wade a shout, and get on the water.

Pirate Coast Paddle Company (Newport Beach)

Last stop on our list is a place called Pirate Coast Paddle Company located in Newport Beach, California.

Pirate Coast has become a fixture on some of our lists due to their excellent customer service and exceptional offerings.

Their location in Newport Beach is one of the reasons for this high regard, as it is famous for its awesome spots for surfing. But if you aren’t comfortable getting in the lineup and shooting down the face of a wave, be sure to check out the regulars as they do just this.

But if you’re looking to just get on a board and enjoy the day, rentals start at $20 for 75 minutes, $35 for 2 hours, $45 for 3 hours, $60 for 4 hours, and $80 for a full day.

Phew! That’s a lot of options!

Pirate Coast must be on your list of activities if you are ever in the town of Newport on the California coast.


California is a great place to experience the sport of SUP.

The high cliffs, and beautiful coastline make for an unforgettable experience.

But not only that, the first-rate shops and outfitters lining the shores offer adventurers plenty of options to get on the board and get in the water.

Whether you are a first-time paddler or an experienced boss on the water, every shop will provide you with plenty of tips, tricks, and equipment to make the best of your time.

And of course, if you have any additional questions regarding our list, these shops, or anything else SUP related, feel free to drop us a message, as the team at Perfect Paddles is always here to provide you with the best SUP knowledge in the world.

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