She Caught What During Her Last Paddle?!

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What is the best part about SUP?

We think we know the answer -

The vast array of activities you can enjoy on the water!

And one that is often overlooked but just as fun as anything else, happens to be SUP fishing.

The thrill of the catch, the close proximity to the water, and the ability to reach shallow patches where boats are unable to get all make for a fantastic time of fishing on the water.

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Pretty exciting...

But if you are an avid fisherman, interested in the activity, or completely unfamiliar with the fact that fishing can be done on a SUP then be sure to watch the video included with this email.

You'll see some wild catches from the fishing channel BA Fishing and its host - Bri.

But before we get there...

If you're a lone-wolf type and want to get started on your own - let's go over the essentials you need to get started...

Gear Checklist:

*Disclaimer - this is not a comprehensive list, but rather a great starting point. Build upon this list as you gain experience!

In addition - these are just examples that do include affiliate links. You don't have to purchase these exact products but it's a great way to get an idea before diving in!

Let's get to it!

SUP Board and Paddle

This first one is fairly obvious. But we want to point out - you cannot use any paddleboard. What you want to look for is one that has increased length, width, and thickness. Why? Gear. You are going to have plenty of extra gear when out on the water fishing so you will need a board that will be able to float the extra weight, plus create a stable surface for you to balance on. As a general guideline, look for a board that is 11'-12' long, at least 34" wide, and at least 5-6" thick. The size of the board also depends on the size of the paddler as well. The bigger the paddler, the bigger the board. When it comes to fishing, bigger is better!

Pro Tip: Also look for a board that has the ability to add attachments and has plenty of bungee spots for your gear!


Anchors come in handy when you find the perfect spot for fishing and want to stay there! Just throw your handy anchor overboard, stay in your spot, and cast. While anchors aren't necessary to be successful, they add a nice option if you want to camp out for a bit.


You need a spot for your beer...errr...WATER. Hydration. That's important. And you need a place for you to sit when on the water. A hardbody cooler is the perfect piece of equipment to accomplish both hydration and relaxation. There are plenty to choose from, just make sure it can hold your weight!

Rod Holder

You can't exactly paddle with a rod in your hand. What you definitely need is a rod holder for those times. As we mentioned before, the best thing to do is find a board that can take attachments like a rod holder so you're all set. If you're rugged and want to just place the rod on the board laying down, that's possible as well. Just make sure not to step on the hook!

Fishing Tackle Box

This is where you can keep your bait/lures. Find a sleek tackle box that can fit comfortably underneath the front bungees on the board.


Very important! Falling in is a serious danger when it comes to SUP fishing. Especially if you hook the big one. In case you lose your balance, make sure you are tethered to your board with a strong leash.


Just as important as a leash! For many of the same reasons. If you do fall in, you want to make sure you'll stay buoyant. A quality personal flotation device goes a long way to keeping you safe.


These can come in handy at any time during your fishing out whether you want to tether additional gear to your board or want to hand something off of the side. Not a necessity but rather a luxury!

That's the basics to get you started today!

Now before you go, be sure to check out the video below for some exciting catches!

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-The Perfect Paddles Team

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