5 Great Places for SUP Rentals in San Diego

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5 Great Places to Rent a SUP Around San Diego

Looking for SUP rentals in San Diego? Check out these five outfitters in the area!

Paddle boarding on the west coast of the United States is an activity quite unlike any other.

This is partly due to the activity of SUP. And partly due to the environment you find yourself in when visiting California.

The golden sun and wide-open beaches make for as aesthetically pleasing morning or afternoon on the water.

But maybe you already have experience paddling and you don’t need a beginner lesson to get on the water.

That’s great! Because there is another option for those active people to get a board and paddle and your own pace. And that is renting.

Up and down the coast there a few great places to reach out to. And grab a couple of boards for you and your family to enjoy the warm weather.

By reading about these great shops, we hope it inspires you this paddling season to get outside. And enjoy time on the water. Smiling with your friends and family.

Bliss Paddle Yoga (San Diego)

First outfitter on our list for SUP rentals in San Diego is a place called Bliss Paddle Yoga.

The best part about Bliss Paddle Yoga is that they currently have multiple locations.

Their rentals start at $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional hour.

All rentals will be held on Sail Bay. This location is a calm tributary. It is filled with wide-open spaces of calm water. This makes it an easier paddle for the inexperienced. And a calm, relaxing time for the paddling junkie.

Once rentals are over, be sure to check out their other first-rate offering. Mainly yoga classes (as evidenced by their name).

And given the location in the San Diego area, after an hour of paddling, there are plenty of places to see. As well as restaurants to eat in. And other landmarks to check out.

Also be sure to click on the link here for information regarding discounts through our Member Deal. Bliss Paddle Yoga has it all!

Wandersurf Board Company (San Diego)

Wandersurf Board Company, also located in San Diego, is our next stop for SUP rentals in San Diego.

This company operates out of Pacific Beach and the Mission Bay area, which means beautiful calm waters, plenty of boats to see, and wonderful sunsets.

Rentals are rated at $15 and hour per board, $40 half-day which amounts to 4 hours per board, a $50 charge for a full-day or 8 hours, and a $350 charge for a week per board.

Pretty great deals!

All their boards are of the in-house brand of Wandersurf, consisting of epoxy and fiberglass boards, built for strength and lightweight to carry long distances.

This is an interesting aspect to take note of as some rental companies will rent out full epoxy or even plastic boards to customers which are incredibly heavy to carry, load, and even to paddle.

With Wandersuf you are assured to get a quality board for an even better price.

And what’s more?! You can save 10% on their services by clicking on the link here for details on our Member Deal.

West Coast Paddle Sports (San Diego)

Up next is West Coast Paddle Sports also located on the coast of San Diego.

West Coast Paddle Sports is always a high recommendation for the team at Perfect Paddles because they provide a quality time for rentals, but even better, they are a complete paddling shop with deals on new and used board, paddles, gear, and clothing.

This is your go-to spot for anything SUP and paddling sports related.

Which means, if you are in the market for a new board, or an upgrade of an old, West Coast Paddle Sports is the place to go.

As far as rentals go, they do $25 for an hour worth of paddling, $40 for 3 hours, $50 for 4 hours, and $75 for 8 hours.

They currently hold all rentals out of the Courtyard Marriott at Liberty Station, so if you are staying at the hotel or near it, this is an incredibly convenient spot for renters.

You will do all your paddling right out front of the hotel in the protected cove surrounded by buildings and land. This means, low winds, and calm waters. Perfect for the beginner or the advanced paddler making for a relaxing supplementation to any vacation. Enjoy!

Goff Tours (Laguna Beach)

Next up we move a little farther north into Laguna Beach with Goff Tours.

This outfitter is one of those places that covers everything water-related, and they do it well.

SUP rentals start a $50 per day, for the whole day. So, if you are looking to take a break midday for lunch but want to continue paddling once you feel replenished, you can do that.

Or maybe you’d like to switch from a SUP and go to a traditional surfboard. You can do that as well!

9’ soft top board are $30 per day and 8’ board are $20 per day. Grab up a softy and get into some waves!

Goff Tours also rents out wet suits at $15 per day and a mask-snorkel-fins/wetsuit set for $30 per day. Great for the adventurer looking to get into the water and see the sights.

Whatever it is you want to do at the beach in Laguna, Goff Tours has you covered. And as their name implies, be sure to check out some of their tour options as well!

Plus, click here for information regarding their Member Deal with us for 15% off lessons and tours.

Sunset Stand Up Paddle (Laguna Beach)

Last shop on our list but certainly not least is a place called Sunset Stand Up Paddle also located in Laguna Beach.

Sunset rents boards made exclusively of inflatable boards from Red Paddle Company. If you have never heard of an inflatable board or wanted to try one before you buy, this is the outfitter to check out.

Inflatable boards are often touted as being more durable, lightweight to carry, easy to package, and almost equal to that of a hard board in every way.

Rentals start at $30 for 1 hour, $50 for 2-hour rentals, $60 for 3-hour rentals, and $80 for 6 hours.

Plus, Sunset also includes a basic on the sand instruction included into your rental to make sure you and your group are set to go on the water.

Sounds like a great deal to us!

For those interested in inflatable boards, or just looking for a fun time while visiting Laguna, Sunset Stand Up Paddle is a great option for SUP.

And be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for information on 10% off their services. Savings and fun?! Does not get any better than that.


Renting SUP boards can be a great way to add a little flavor and excitement to your vacation on the west coast.

And lucky for us involved in the sport, there are plenty of shops lining the shores offering fantastic deals on all things SUP.

When you are in San Diego or the surrounding area, be sure to check out the shops on our lists, not only for first-class operations, but deals on the rentals they offer.

Each one of these shops offer different boards, packages, and exciting locations to get on the water.

The team at Perfect Paddles is dedicated solely on making sure your time on the water is the best it can be. As always, if you have any questions, or need any additional recommendations, be sure to drop us a message and we will get back to you with all the information you need!

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